Assassin’s Creed Unity Is Coming To Comic Con 2014

Have you always fantasized of being an Assassin and diving in a leap of faith?

Does the parkour style entice you to try it out first hand? Gamers are going to get a grand taste of Assassin’s Creed Unity during Comic Con 2014 and the experience won’t end there, because Ubisoft has much bigger plans rolled up their sleeves.

While everyone who visits the exciting Comic Con event will have a chance to play the game and maybe some co-op missions as well, there will be some real time activities as well. Ubisoft is planning to setup a special booth titled the ‘Assassin’s Creed Experience’, where people attending, will not only be able to play the game Unity, but will have an opportunity to try out multiple other titles. According to the official press statement made, you can play Far Cry 4, The Crew as well as Just Dance 2015, all under one roof. On the whole, the idea sounds exciting, because Ubisoft has a slew of amazing titles lined up for 2014 as well as 2015. Comic Con is one of the popular shows that is considered right next to E3 2014 in terms of popularity and is a great time to show off more about their upcoming games, to gain more customer feedback.

The Assassin’s Creed Experience

The team has revealed that the Assassin’s Creed Experience will have a dedicated area setup outside the convention hall. It is not clear whether people will be playing Assassin’s Creed Unity and other games in the open as well, but the space is being setup to offer you a chance to experience the amazing parkours that the protagonists have been doing for so long. The attendees can run through a real parkour obstacle course doing vaults, rolls and run to reach the 25-foot Leap of Faith.

But, don’t worry too much about jumping into the hay stack because in the real world, such a huge jump into hay will most probably break a couple of bones. We assume that people will be asked to jump on something more secure and padded. Last year, the company made heads turn, with a Real world pirate ship parked in the docks, where players could enter and play the game while sitting inside an actual ship. It was a fun and memorable experience; but this time, it looks they have outdone themselves by allowing visitors to be the Assassins themselves by doing things they have done only in the game so far.

Comic Con Booth Info

Ubisoft didn’t confirm whether Assassin’s Creed Unity will be playable at Comic Con 2014. It will be on display and we assume they would let us play more of it. There will also be a barber who will give a custom shave to you, if you please. Comic Con will have Ubisoft at booth no #135 which runs from Thursday, July 24 through Sunday, July 27. The event hall will be open from 10 am to 5 pm for those of you who are planning to visit, where a new Assassin’s Creed short will also be shown during the developers’ panel.

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