Angry Birds vs. Flappy Bird – Ultimate Game Changers

A Subjective Matter

Angry Birds and Flappy Bird are very popular and free mobile games.

However, making a choice between the two is merely a matter of opinion and highly subjective, as it depends on each one’s preferences. Flappy Bird is a more controversial game and it is no longer available for download. Angry Birds is not enveloped by any issues and is freely available in various themes for downloading on your mobile device. If you are looking for a difficult and, sometimes, even impossible challenge, Flappy Bird is the game for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for an interesting game, interactive features and excellent graphics, Angry Birds is the way to go. Rovio Entertainment created angry Birds and it turned out to be a great hit resulting in millions of euros for the maker. However, Dung Nguyen, of Vietnamese origin, developed Flappy Bird. He merely took a few days to develop this simple game that went on to become a stupendous hit.


Brilliant and Arresting Gameplay


Angry Birds is known to be a brilliant game changer that created quite a stir when it was released. It got millions of people hooked on to the addictive gameplay. The game has been designed brilliantly, with the concept of using birds that have magical or special powers to destroy pigs and structures. The idea is truly novel and very arresting. There are many versions of the game being launched even today, and each one of them comes in different themes. Some of the versions are free while others are paid ones.


Addictive but Frustrating


On the other hand, Flappy Bird is also a much-acclaimed game and one that had millions playing it at the same time, during the early part of this year. However, the game came in for a lot of controversy and problems in February this year and it was taken off the play stores. Flappy Bird is known for its frustrating difficulty, though it seems to be very easy to play the game. The game does not have excellent graphics and merely uses 2D graphics. It is not as appealing as Angry Birds, but it has its share of fans and players who used to lose much sleep over the game. It was finally removed from the stores in February 2014, but there are rumors that the game is going to be re-launched and it will appear in a different format.


Based on Birds


Both Angry Birds and Flappy Bird are based on birds, but there the similarity ends. The concept of the birds in both these games is completely different. The concept in Flappy Bird involves keeping the bird moving in a particular direction. The player has to see to it that the bird does not collide with any of the obstructions in the game, such as the poles. If it hits the obstruction, the bird falls and dies and the player has to begin all over again. The levels are extremely difficult to cross. As for Angry Birds, the interface using the birds is excellent. There are various types of birds and they are endowed with various abilities and characteristics. The player can select birds based on these characteristics and use them for destroying pigs and castles that are located at a distance on the screen.


Better Graphics and Variety


Angry Birds surely offers a better variety, with its different types of birds. Each level offers something novel. Though the levels are difficult to cross, they are not impossible or frustrating. However, Flappy Bird can become quite monotonous and even frustrating, as it is extremely difficult to cross the levels even for an expert.

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