Angry Birds vs. Flappy Bird – The Ultimate Game Changer

Both the games are very popular, but they are also quite different from each other.

This makes it difficult to make a choice, as it is entirely subjective and depends on personal preferences. However, Angry Birds is less controversial and available in a variety of themes, whereas Flappy Bird is no longer available for download. Those who want a difficult challenge can play Flappy Bird. However, those who want an interactive screen and better graphics would opt for Angry Birds.

A Game Changing Concept

Angry Birds is well known to be the ultimate game changer. When the game was launched, it created a huge stir among gamers with millions of people getting hooked on to its addictive gameplay. The design of the game is brilliant and the concept of using birds with special powers for destroying pigs and castles was novel and arresting. Even today, there are several new versions of the game being launched with different themes. You can pick the one that interests you. However, many of the games are also paid ones, while some of them are free.

Highly Addictive and Frustrating

As for Flappy Bird, the game was also acclaimed as being a very addictive one. It gained a lot of popularity during the early part of the year. Later, it came under a lot of controversy and was taken off the play stores. The game is well known for being very difficult and frustrating, though it seems simple to play. The game only makes use of 2D graphics and it is not as appealing as the graphics of Angry Birds. Many gamers started losing sleep over the game and it was officially removed in February 2014. It is rumored that the game is going to be re-launched in a new format.

Professional vs. Hobbyist

Dong Nguyen, a Vietnamese developer, who just took a few days to develop this simple gameplay, created flappy Bird. Angry Birds has been developed by Rovio Entertainment and is a runaway hit, making millions of Euros for the developer.

Bird Based

The one thing in common between the two games is that both are bird based. But this is where the similarity ends. The concept of both the games is entirely different. In Flappy Bird, the bird has to be kept moving in the right direction and must not collide with the poles. The levels are very difficult as well. Angry Birds has a superb interface with many birds having different characters and abilities. The player has to select birds and use them for destroying pigs and objects at a distance.

More Variety

Angry Birds is a game that offers greater variety. There are various types of birds and each level offers something new. The levels are difficult to clear but not impossible, whereas Flappy Bird levels are really frustrating even for an expert player.

Better Graphics

As for the graphics, there is no comparing the two games. Angry Birds has far superior graphics when compared to Flappy Bird. The interface is very creative and there is a lot of color and brightness in the game, which has been appreciated by millions of players. There is not much of graphics in Flappy Bird, as it is a two dimensional game. Yet, it became popular due to its addictive nature.

Angry Birds is still a very popular and available for download, whereas Flappy Bird has been removed from the stores. There are, however, many other versions of the game that are actually rip offs of this popular game. You cannot download the official or original version of the game anymore.

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