Angry Birds Go – Tips and Tricks

Angry Birds Go takes Angry Birds to another level as you can pick your favorite characters from the Angry Birds series and then go racing with them. Once again, playing this game will test your skills and it won’t be the easiest ones to play. If you are looking for tips that could help you out, here are some of the top points you need to know.

Handling and Acceleration

When you are looking to make an impressive score in this game, you will have to upgrade the different features of the game. Remember, the acceleration and handle come in use tremendously and this is why, you should make it a point to update these first.
There are four factors that you need to handle, namely

• Top Speed

• Strength

• Acceleration

• Handling

While you do need to care about the top speed and strength, the acceleration and handling that have a slightly higher edge.

Buying the Coin Doubler

If you are comfortable with investing your money in buying the upgrades, the very first thing which you should buy is the coin doubler. When you have the coin doubler, all your collected coins will get doubled and this brings in much needed advantages. While it will entail an initial investment, having a coin doubler is going to reap significant benefits in the long run.

Getting the Right Start

You get the option of using a slingshot where you launch your character with a thud. The best time to use this slingshot is just an instant before the final shot is called. Doing this will give your character a slightly larger edge and this can be extremely crucial in helping you win the game.

Smart Driving

Unless you have to collect the upgrades and special bonuses, it is best advised to drive on the inside of the track. When you do so, you will be able to cut down on the extra distance and this is an ideal way to give yourself the edge to clinch the race. When you are driving in the tracks, the total distance you need to cover gets shortened and the number of barriers and curves which you have to take will be slightly reduced too.

Use Gems Judiciously

A lot of gamers end up wasting their gems by skipping the missions and challenges. Gems will play an important role in the game and you should not waste them unnecessarily. This will only add to your troubles and you should learn to practice optimum and smart use of the gems.

These are the key tips that will ensure better scores. There are plenty of other tips that you can use too. As you keep playing the game, you will discover some tricks yourself. The more you play the game, the better you will get at it. However, keeping these points in mind will definitely give you an extra edge.

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