Angry Birds Go – Tips and Tricks You Need To Know

Have you played Angry Birds Go? It is a smartly designed game where you can pick up your favorite characters from the Angry Birds series and race them. You have different types of challenges like smashing fruits or keeping track of timers or accomplishing some specific challenges for winning the levels.

If you want to perform well in this game and you are looking for the right kind of tips and tricks to help you out, here are the key points you should be familiar with.

Be Economical With Coin Doublers

When you are playing Angry Birds Go, you can very easily end up spending a great deal of money on in – app purchases. If you want to stay economical, the smarter choice is to buy coin doublers. Coin doublers ensure that every time you collect a single coin, it gets converted into two and thus you will be able to save a great deal of money on your in – app purchases.

The Key to Winning Timed Challenges

One of the best ways of winning the timed challenges is to stay on track. Time can be a very costly factor in this game and when you stay inside the tracks, you are much more likely to complete the race in a shorter duration. No doubt, if you find gems lying outside the tracks, you should try and get them as that will help you in earning accolades.

The key point is to find the shortest route and stick to it so that you can save your time and clinch the challenge.

Power – Ups Hold the Key

There are too many power–ups which you can use in this game and it is important to make sure that you are timing it in the apt manner. When you time them efficiently, you will be able to make the most out of your game. They serve an extremely important function and using these power ups judiciously and meticulously will actually serve your need aptly.

Acceleration and To Speed- Keep These in Mind

When you are purchasing upgrades in the game, you should make it a point to choose acceleration and top speed. These two can be the clinching factors in the game and you have to be focused on them. When you are making upgrades, it becomes extremely important to choose a systematic approach and the right way to do so is to stick to a plan.

By upgrading these two points, you will be able to get an upper edge in the challenges and winning them will be a lot easier.
These are the main tips and tricks that you should bear in mind. Now that you are aware of the same, it will be a lot easier to make inroads into success. In this game, try and come up with better ideas and strategies because Angry birds Go will test your skills and gaming competencies thoroughly.

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