Amazon Fire TV vs Apple TV – Comparing Specs and Price

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In case you were planning to purchase a new streaming box, you are in luck, as the market just got hotter with the launch of Amazon Fire TV.

Amazon has provided potential buyers with another option to ponder upon when searching for streaming boxes. Fire TV would be in direct competition with the already established Roku and Apple TV. Apple has the advantage of being a great brand. However, the company has been unable to produce the same effect as it did with its other products. The Amazon would be contemplating on capitalizing in this department with its latest release, the Fire TV.


Both the devices are priced at $99. Therefore, there is no obvious advantage to either of the two products regarding their price. The key difference would be in terms of their features.


The design may not be a parameter to judge a media-streaming device. However, if you were able to lay your hands on a striking looking device, it would be an added bonus. In this category, the Apple TV wins the round with its excellently designed body. Apple TV is similar to the other products designed by the company which is superb in their looks. However, the same cannot be said for the Amazon Fire TV. The device sports a rich and premium looking finish.


In terms of performance, the Amazon Fire TV has an upper edge with its updated specifications. The Fire TV supports a quad core 1.7GHz processor along with a GPU in comparison to the single core 2GHz processor of the Apple TV.


Apple TV has the ability to manage its power and utilize it in the best manner possible. However, the device loses the round yet again in terms of its internal memory. Apple TV provides to the user 512MB memory in comparison to the 2GB internal memory of the Amazon Fire TV.


Apple TV has been in the arena for quite some time now and it is fair enough to expect the device to come with more content. The Apple TV encompasses more than thirty apps for videos that have a range of platforms for sports and news. Amazon TV does not lag behind in the app department. However, the device has less apps than that of the Apple TV yet, the device has more than 24 apps on the device.

Amazon Fire TV emphasizes on the gaming department whereas Apple TV does not have the concept on the device. Both the devices offer a standard physical remote along with the device.

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