Alien Isolation Oculus Rift Is Just Prototype, No VR Support

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Ardent gamers and industry people who were at the E3 2014 will be the luckiest persons who have got the chance to try Aliens Isolation on an Oculus Rift.

When the action thriller was showed off on the upcoming virtual reality headset, most believed that this will be the first full-fledged game that is going to get launched on a new platform. Those who assumed that this has the power to change the gaming industry as we know it were right, but the problem is, Sega is not going to bring it out anytime soon.

The developers were suddenly surmounted with questions on when players could try the full game on their second developed kit that OR has sent out. They decided to take to Twitter and confirm that ‘what we have got at the moment is just a prototype, but there is no full game in development :)’ with this message. It’s a disheartening moment for everyone who was so eager to try a full game on the so-called virtual reality headset, which actually has the best possible potential to bring virtual reality to gaming.

Sega Confirms It’ a Prototype

Not only the developers of Alien Isolation took to Twitter and confirmed it’s just a sample but Sega, the publishers of the game reiterated the same, during a recent interview. Sharing more about their vision for the future, the company said that the OR version of the game was a prototype and was never meant to be an actual product to get launched in the market. It is truly an amazing experience and we could have never imagined seeing the game come to life, in unprecedented ways. When we started the project, it was purely an ambitious idea to put players in the boots of a marine who is hunting an unknown alien species. But, the end product was much more amazing than we originally assumed it would be and it is definitely one of the most terrifying demos that you could play in recent times.

The Star of E3 2014

Alien Isolation Oculus Rift version was the star of the E3 2014. Even though, a lot of AAA titles got released during the event, this one took the cake with its virtual reality approach. After all, the biggest gaming event of the year was the one that was originally dedicated to promote innovation and new ideas which later became a corporate stage to share the same ideas over and over again. A sample video has also been released on Youtube, which is the closest that you can get, to experiencing how it feels to be a player enjoying the same on an actual Oculus Rift. The horror genre is one of the favorites that people are looking forward to experiencing in virtual reality. While the Alien game looks like a worthy contender, it is not so at the moment, but we hope that VR becomes the norm within a couple of years. Kinect 2 is getting released on the PC and maybe this could be the change we were waiting for.

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