A Few Interesting Games that WeChat Has to Offer

WeChat is a popular smartphone app that had its origins in China.

Today, the app is popular all over the world for its voice messaging and mobile text service. Compatible across various platforms, this app can also be downloaded and installed on your computer. While this app has many common features of its competitors such as messaging, video and photograph sharing and exchanging contacts, it has some good news for avid gamers as well. WeChat offers a few interesting mobile games that smartphone users can play to entertain themselves, while they are on the move. While some of them can be played as solo games, you have an option for challenging your friends on the same network to a game. If you choose the second option, you can also compare your scores with your friends.

Some Popular WeChat Games worth Checking Out

The following are some games that are played with zeal by WeChat users. Using location-based services, you can compete not just against your buddies in your contact list who are on the same network. The location based feature helps you to find players in nearby areas who would be interested in competing with you as opponents.

Pencil Pilot

This is a space shooting game. To play the game, you must move your finger horizontally across the screen to get your ship in motion. Your ship, will on its own, fire other ships, headed towards you. While you must try to capture as many ships as you can, you should also remember to focus on not getting hit by them. The more ships you take control of, the more are your chances of gaining a high score. Keep in mind that once in two days, your scores are reset and you will be able to see your score in comparison to your opponents on a weekly basis.

Craz3 Match

Are you in the mood for a crazy game along with some fun? Then you must definitely try your hands at the Craz3 Match game. The aim of the game is to get rid of some animals by forming a set of three matching tiles. You can play this game with your WeChat friends, other players and even enjoy a solo game.

GunZ Dash

This game sets you on a journey of friendship and love. You will find yourself jumping, sliding and dashing your way on vehicles. You will not have a boring journey as you will be accompanied by your faithful pets. Remember that your goal is to prove yourself by overcoming the challenges in your way.

2Day’s Match

This is a colorful puzzle game that is popular among all WeChat age groups. You can challenge yourself and win a crown. Alternatively, call your friends for a challenge. The goal is to match two tiles of the same type. When two tiles match, they get removed. You can play this game in two modes – classic and blitz.

How to Access WeChat Games

You can gain access to WeChat games worldwide through its Game Center that is present as a part of the messaging service under the Discover tab. Each game has a separate download option, which takes you to that game in the app store. The game can be downloaded from here like any other app.

It is worth noting that the above listed games are not the only ones that WeChat has to offer. There are many more games in the pipeline while a few others are in their beta stage. Some of these games include Fight the Landlord, We Runner and We Love Pang. It is worth noting that these games that are planned to be launched soon by WeChat represent the casual gaming genre.



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