Why Use Talkatone: Featuring New Ways on How to Give Free Calls

A lot of people want to talk and chat longer with their friends and loved ones but just couldn’t.

This is because of the high rates you have to pay for cell minutes, especially when calling or sending texts abroad.  Mobile VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) lets you send free texts and calls using the net or Wi-Fi. Talkatone is similar (but not the same) to apps like iMessage, Whatsapp and Viber that many users have decided to ditch their local phones and choose to give free calls and messages rather than pay for them. These apps may have little or no cost but some applications only works if the people you want to talk to or chat with have installed the same application.

No Cost

Just like other apps, Talkatone lets you connect with others with no cost at all. You can give free calls and unlimited texts without paying for cell minutes. You only need a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection.

Can Be Used by 3 Different Operating Systems

Talkatone is available on 3 different operating Systems: iOS, Android and Kindle. This pretty much means that it can be used on almost all smartphones. Apps like iMessage only work for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad. Talkatone covers a wider range of phones, tabs, etc. that are being used worldwide.

Does Not Need the Same Application

As mentioned above, some apps need to have the same application installed to work. Talkatone might be the only application that lets you keep in touch with family and friends without requiring them to have the application installed. You can call, text and chat and have an in and out of network communication with them.

Available for non-U.S. Based iOS Users

Android international users (non-U.S. based) get to have their own free local U.S. number which includes free texting, free inbound calling and a one-time free distributed 10 outbound calling minutes. You can purchase more minutes if you want to. Now, International iOS version has already been approved by Apple for Talkatone. It should be available for download in time at App Stores.

Now Available Worldwide

Since May 15, 2014, Google has stopped its third party to Google voice for Talkatone. Now, Talkatone is not affiliated with Google Inc. But Talkatone has encouraged previous Google Voice users to switch to its new setting and enables them to access the same services, U.S. or non-U.S. based users.

Take Calls From or Give Calls to Real Phone Numbers

This includes app users and non-app users. You can send or receive text messages, chat, and call with real phone numbers (numbers are basically U.S. based numbers). For non-U.S based users, you will be given free numbers as mentioned above. Application is not recommended for ages 13 and below for the recipient may not know who is calling and age cannot be determined or verified by the party being called or by the receiver of the message. Make sure to ask who the caller is before giving information. Be very careful on talking to strangers.




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