Why Use Google Chrome Instead of Other Browsers?

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Google Chrome is the most popular browser among Internet users today.

Being a Google product, it is laced up with great features and technology. It has been named one of the fastest web browsers by popular poll and makes internet surfing amazingly simple and speedy. This has been made possible due to the technology that Google applies on all its products and Google Chrome is no different in that. It is replete with new features, simple interface and highly personalized browsing experience. These together have put Google Chrome way ahead of other browsers like Opera mini, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

An important aspect that differentiates Google Chrome from other browsers is the Google Chrome app store. Google has given its flagship product a personal app store, which contains many ready-made apps for its users that integrate and install directly on the Chrome browser of the user’s PC. The app store has really been a game changer for Google Chrome and has won it innumerable users. At the time when it was launched, there were many well established browsers existing in the market. Therefore, Chrome had to offer something different to make a mark. Hence, Chrome stepped in with the new features and also the Chrome app store that have catapulted the browser to the top position.

New Apps and Features

The app store has a large number of apps which are designed specifically for the Google Chrome store and are compatible with only the Chrome browser. Thus, many apps are thoughtfully offered, catering to various needs of the users. There are apps for spreadsheets, documents, additional Chrome features, music and video apps and a plethora of other apps which increase the functionality and popularity of the browser. They sure come in handy when the users are browsing the internet and need certain specific curiously functions to work on together.

Google Chrome provides a large number of other features like the Google Drive for cloud storage, Google Documents for keeping work online and other features. The app store also provides apps, which easily integrate with all Google features, thereby making their access simpler and easier. The app store is widely used by Chrome users who work primarily on the computer extensively. Chrome’s popularity is steadily on the rise.

New Updates and Apps for Phones

Google Chrome also went a step forward with its launch of smartphone compatible browser, which is way faster than other traditional browsers on the phone and can be installed directly on the device. A major boon for the browser has been the huge popularity of the android platform for smartphones. Android, being a Google product, is highly popular as an operating system and Google Chrome comes pre-installed in a large number of devices that support android. This has provided a major boost to the browser software and made it one of the most popular browsers on the phone today.

Hence, Google has invested time, money and technology to create a great product in the form of Google Chrome browser, which has become indispensable for every PC nowadays and it is being improved continuously.

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