Why the Angry Birds Mania? Let’s Find Out

Angry Birds, the game that has grabbed the attention of millions of players and fans, has been growing in popularity ever since it was launched on the game stores.

There are rarely such apps which catch the attention of millions of people, gamers and occasional enthusiasts, in such a short time after their launch. Angry Birds is one such game that has been royally topping the charts for a very long time now. It has emerged as a massive rage in the world of apps and has been the most downloaded and played game of recent times.

This huge success of the game has not only been due to its interface and the concept, but it is also credited to the makers of the game who never left any stone unturned in their approach to the design of the game. One major interesting element, which has kept the game going ever since its launch, even when other highly played games have perished alongside, has been the Game Maps.

New Maps for Every Game

Angry Birds was launched as a simple game with a creative concept. Once it became a favorite of the people, there was a demand for a change in the concept. The makers realized it and responded brilliantly by bringing in new maps in the form of several versions of the same game. Angry Birds Star Wars is based on a Star Wars movie setting which incorporates the movie maps and designs into the game. Angry Birds Space imitates a Space setting where the birds and stones are placed on various planets and moons. Angry Birds Rio was another great design that imitates the famous movie Rio and incorporated the same concept of the game into a new map. Several other versions have also been launched, which imitate a famous movie or concept, but the underlying concept remains the same and unhindered.

This creativity of game design has attracted a large number of people. Now, the game is no longer monotonous and repetitive, but full of novelty and freshness of look and feel. There is plenty uniqueness in each of the maps and the layouts. People are compelled due to their curiously, to try out each version in order to find out what is different and once they do it, they grow the fondness for newer concepts and designs.

Levels, Difficulty and Fun

The game allows the users to enjoy each level and motivates them to cross the levels by increasing the difficulty and the complexity at every level. The entire design and programming has been done so as to make the game interestingly difficult for the users. The idea is to retain their interest and spirit in the game. The innovation is strong in the game as its users are required to toss birds as stones and not the other way round. Usually, people throw stones at birds, but it’s the opposite here. This makes the game more hilarious and fun.

The game is very popular as many like its concept, design and interface. The regular updates and different levels have lent the magic touch to the game and its fans.

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