Why Is Candy Crush Saga So Sweet and Addictive?

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Who says candies are made only for desserts?

Well, this mobile app game called, Candy Crush Saga, will surely challenge you mentally and you will love it visually. Candy Crush Saga was made by the developer, King. This match 3 game is not as easy as it looks, but it will surely kill your time. But, it kills your time in a fun way; Candy Crush Saga challenges the players in higher levels with different mechanics. So this is not your usual puzzle or match game.  Candy Crush also allows the players to play it even on Facebook! You can be able to beat your friends in the challenges.

For a quick introduction about the game, Tiffi or Tofette represents the player in game, as Tiffi solves the problems or puzzles. Tiffi challenging the residents of the Candy Kingdom. For those who wanted to give Candy Crush Saga a try, it has an in built tutorial on how to play it, once you download it.

Types of Levels

Candy Crush Saga is definitely a saga with approximately 40 Episodes. The game has five types of levels; Moves, Jelly, Ingredients, Timed and Candy Order.


To succeed the moves levels, the player has to get certain minimum  points for that level, within the specified number of moves. This level is considered as the easiest part of all levels. Once the player achieves the target score, he or she will succeed to Sugar Crush that has special candies.


This level requires the player to remove all the jellies on the board. Beware – the jelly has a transparent colour. In order to get rid of this, the player has to crush the candy while in the jelly. A player completes the level once he or she removes all the jelly on the board.


The player has to bring down all the required ingredients to the bottom of the board. The usual ingredients required for this level are cherries and hazelnuts. Once all the required ingredients are completed, a striped candy will appear for every remaining move. It gives 3000 points each! Then all the ingredients will appear out of a dispenser.


This level allows the player to make unlimited moves, but it has a particular time limit to finish the level.

Candy Order

In order to win this level, the player has to acquire certain number of candies and combinations.

Why Is It Addictive?

Currently, the game is estimated to be worth more than 10 billion dollars. The addictive Candy crash was made in such a way that it can be played by a pre-schooler and those who are a bit older. Once you start playing it, it becomes difficult to leave it at some level. Research shows that the designers and programmers made it to lure the brain using Candies!

Candy Crush Saga is truly an enjoyable game to play. It challenges the players mentally and can also kill boredom instantly. Candy Crush Saga is available on Google Play, App Store, Amazon and Facebook. Once you download this game, you will surely be addicted!

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