While iOS 8 Is On The Way – Users Update Their iDevices to iOS 7

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After Apple announced the release of the iOS 8, there were a lot of users who updated their iDevices to the iOS 7, in order to be ready for the upcoming iOS 8.

There is a big increase of users who switched to iOS 7 on regions such as the United States and Canada. These users are updating their iPads and iPhones to iOS 7, because when the new iOS will come out, they will be able to update their devices to it. Even if iOS 8 is expected to be released this fall, Apple can now estimate how many users are willing to upgrade their phones and tablets to the upcoming iOS 8.

From a report of Chitika Insights, more than 89.5 percent of browser traffic from iPhones located in North America was running on iOS 7 and only 84.8 percent were iPads.

Chitika Insights made another report in February, showing that 83.3 percent of iPhones that were running on iOS 7, by 5.4% higher in the last quarter.

At the end of May, there were 6.3% more iPads that were using iOS 7, and with other words, it “jumped” from 78.5 to 84.8%.

One week ago, on June 2, Apple gave us some details on the upcoming iOS 8. Below you can see a list of features that Apple confirmed for the upcoming:

– Home Kit

– Predictive Keyboard

– Family Sharing

– iCloud Drive

Did you update yet your iDevice to iOS 7? Are you going to update to iOS 8 when it comes out? 

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