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WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application on the mobile platform. However, with a lot of competition from other similar apps, Whatsapp+ is a replacement and a mod of Whatsapp. It is developed by XDA developer rafalense. The application enables the user to modify and change WhatsApp in a way that you cannot do, with the Whatsapp application. For instance, you can hide your status related to the ‘last seen’ feature. There are some functional barriers in the WhatsApp application, which are circumvented by the WhatsApp+. This will provide the user with a better interface and an improved experience. For instance, when you send files, the image quality will remain constant without reducing.

Image Quality

This has always been a problem with the WhatsApp application. Good quality images get lowered in the original WhatsApp, whereas the WhatsApp+ gets rid of this problem. You can now share good quality pictures with friends.

In addition, the default limit for sharing media is 16MB in case of WhatsApp+. You can also increase this to a maximum of 50 MB. The old WhatsApp application only allowed a maximum limit of 12 MB.

In the old WhatsApp, the user has to refresh the contact list and then click on his or her friend’s contact if he wishes to view their current status. In case of WhatsApp+, you need not do this, as the current status of all your contacts can be seen below the chat.

In the old WhatsApp application, you cannot change the green color of the icon. In the WhatsApp+, you can change the default blue into a red icon or even other colors, such as orange or gray and even cyan or pink. If you wish, you can even bring it back to the green.

Personalizing the Look

You can transform the look of the app completely with the WhatsApp+. For instance, you can make modifications to the conversation screen, the background, the contact icons, the main screen and the chat screen, etc. In this way, you can completely personalize the look of your application.

Additional New Features

WhatsApp+ offers various themes that you can download, whereas this was not possible in the old WhatsApp. In addition, you can also add the location or send voice message to friends and contacts. You can also do forwards in the form of multiple messages. An optional Header color has been added for chats and conversation screens. You also have the option of removing any irritating message related to updates when you open the application. In addition, you can change the color of the Chat Bubbles and the usual round bubbles can be changed to square ones.


WhatsApp+ is considered to be an unofficial mod, so you cannot download it from the Play Store on your mobile device. There might be some stability issues in this app and it might be seen to crash from time to time. This seems to be the biggest disadvantage of this application. If this were addressed, the number of downloads will increase dramatically, as it offers plenty of unique user-friendly features. The application can only be downloaded from a third-party site. The download of this app must be in the form of an apk file. This means that it can be installed directly on your smartphone after transfer. Another thing you need to be aware of, is that the original WhatsApp must be uninstalled in order to be able to install WhatsApp+. However, all the conversations that were present in the original or the old application will automatically be restored in the new WhatsApp+.

The interface is appealing and you can modify it to your taste. WhatsApp+ is a perfect replacement for the old WhatsApp application. As of now, the WhatsApp+ is an unofficial version that is available only to be launched for Android devices.

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