What Makes Clash of Clans a Must-have For Your Phone?

At a time when games are being launched on the Android market just like bullets raining on the battlefield, making a mark has become all the more difficult.

However, there are a few games which become an instant hit with the gamers, because of their plot, graphics, innovation or simply for the challenges they present. Such a game is the Clash of Clans. It stands out among a whole lot of strategy games that have crowded the Android market and is readily available for free download.

Soon after being launched, Clash of Clans has attracted steady attention from the Android gamers’ world. This is because it is a strategy game that allows a person to think and build according to his whims and fancies and run his empire the way he wants. This freedom that the game offers has attracted many people the world over, making the game one of the most popular games ever.

You Are the Master of Your World

The game is all about having one’s own kingdom, training troops, attacking other players and securing their gold and elixir. The challenge lies in the fact that you yourself have to manage the training of troops, making of strategies and deciding the time of attack so as to derive most benefit and losing the minimum troops yourself. The fun part is in seeing the figures fight out and follow orders as you instruct them. There are a whole lot of resources and options which can be used to enhance power, improve training, aid battles and other helps, some of these are chargeable and can be bought online.

The game offers great graphics and is compatible with almost all the latest devices. It does not run on the older and lower versions as it is a graphic-intensive game and has been customized to suit the hardware up to a certain limit and upwards only. But this factor, instead of being a deterrent, has added the bit of exclusivity to it and retains engrossment with its great visual treats.

Simple Interface Attracts

The game keeps a simple interface, much like the typical strategy-based games, having the options to touch and direct troops throughout the screen. This gives complete independence to the player to do what he wishes with the troops and make his own plans and strategies. There are also a host of additional features which make the game more interesting and motivate the players to play more.

The gamers are suitably enticed by the game and its innovative features and great experience. The game has got high ratings in the Android play store and was once the top played game in the stores. It is getting better as more and more updates are being launched to the game, adding better features and additional levels. It is only a matter of time before the game can give many other outstanding games a tough competition.

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