What Is New On Temple Run 2 and What New Tips You Need?

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If you thought the initial Temple Run Game had it all, then Temple Run 2 will keep you thrilled.

The game has become one of the best and the most downloaded games in the world. Currently, there are over 200 million downloads and the number is rising; thanks to the redefined features of the game. Temple run 2 offers you an exceptional opportunity to slide, jump, and turn and run as you navigate the high dangerous cliffs, the thick forests, the mines and the zip lines. All this redefined changes to help you escape the wrath of the cursed idol!

Wondering What Is New On The Game?

  • Gorgeous new graphics
  • Beautifully designed organic environments
  • More achievements
  • New obstacles
  • More powerups

A redefined game calls for new tricks and tips for you to conquer the idols. With the new adventure that the game brings, most people will find it exciting, rejuvenating and extremely challenging.

Get Free Coins

Before you venture into the wilderness that comes with Temple Run 2, get the free coins. The best alternative is to make a good use of the social media. Like Temple Run 2 on Facebook and Twitter, you will be amazed by the amount of free coins that you will get. Therefore, the next time you want to start playing, get Free Stuff.

Get Airborne Once You See the Cliff Hangers

The cliff hungers freak most people out. However, this should not be the case. All you need to do is to jump at the perfect time once you spot it. While airborne, focus on the cliff hunger and lean towards the safe side. To save yourself from the frustration especially during fast runs, jump to the safe side of the cliff hunger.

Dealing with Double Obstacles

Temple Run 2 employs a lot of obstacles to make the game more rejuvenating, exciting and challenging. The major challenge comes when one is dealing with double obstacles. You need not to jump blindly. Time your jump to get the perfect chance of escaping both obstacles. You may get some luck and manage both obstacles with a single jump!

Complete Objectives of Each Stage

Temple Run 2 is designed and created out of challenges. To make the game experience rewarding, you need to complete each and every stage successfully. It is a fact that getting more coins and high scores is what the game is meant for, but you cannot rule out the fact that completing each stage will get you there.

Choose the Best Powerups

Temple Run 2 has new powerups for each player to choose what works best for him or her. Depending on how you play, get one that matches with your play. The shield is appropriate for those having difficulty with rollers, tiles and small walls. Boost powerups are meant for those yearning for long runs among many others.

Why look for another game when Temple Run 2 can give you the exciting, rewarding and rejuvenating experience than any other? Don’t miss out!






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