Waze – The Best Features and Highlights

Waze is a voice-enabled GPS navigation app that was purchased by Google in 2013.

Since then, the popularity of Waze has doubled and is now being used by millions of users across the world. Obviously, Google saw some potential in the social navigation app that resulted in its acquisition and if you’re not yet using the app, you may have not known of its wonderful features. We’ve compiled the most important reasons why you should download Waze for all your traffic and navigation needs.

Gives Real-time Traffic Reports

Don’t you hate it when you’re cruising along your route and suddenly have to search for an alternate route because of an unforeseen incident that blocks your way? Waze gives you a heads-up should your route be affected by different obstacles such as traffic jam, police activity, and accidents. The report will show as a pop-up on your screen and you will be redirected to an alternate route that will bring you to your destination without meeting the obstacle.

Social Integration

If you’re wondering how you’re getting the report, it is through Waze’s social features. Active users of Waze can send reports about road information and you will be then notified of those that can affect your route. As a Waze active user, you can also send a report if you’ve encountered an obstacle on your way. You can also send the report via hands-free voice control by simply waving your hand in front of your screen and saying “report traffic”. Doing so will make the app send the report to the traffic flow of the app.

More Social Integration

Waze also offers Facebook integration which proves to be a lot of help. If you’re meeting a friend and he’s not responding on how far he is to your meeting place, you can simply see live updates of your friend’s whereabouts if he’s using Waze as well. We all have that friend who would send us a message of “almost there” when in fact he just left his house and he’s still a good 30 minutes away. Thanks to Waze, we can now know for sure. Facebook integration also allows events you’ve accepted to automatically show up in the app.

Community Ranking

You can earn points in Waze every time you contribute road reports and the more you send reports, the more points you earn. As your points accumulate, the higher your ranking in the Waze community will be. All of us will start as a “Waze Baby” which we can raise to being “Waze Royalty”. You’re also given the option to edit the Waze map to fix problems you might see and the more you edit, the more your editing consent expands.

Been There, Will Take You There Again

Whether it’s the most convenient way to work, or your favorite route every time you visit your parents’ hometown, Waze remembers the routes you prefer to take going to frequent destinations. It will also provide you the convenience of finding the nearest and cheapest gas station on the way to your destination.

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