Watch Dogs Will Come to Wii U This Fall

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When everyone was literally abandoning Wii U because they assumed Nintendo is a sinking ship, the company has sprung back into action in the E3 2014 conference.

Their web event has been a massive success and the developers have announced some of the best first party titles that have the potential to reinstate their position in the market. With Zelda, Mario Maker and Star Fox, Wii U will survive and when it can sustain the competition, it is no wonder third party developers have to support it as well.

Wii U Support Continues

Everyone assumed that Ubisoft has decided to not release Watch Dogs on the platform because of the meager demand and the player base it has. It was even rumored that their annual series Just Dance may not get released on it as well. Putting an end to this ever growing speculation, Ubisoft during an E3 press conference, confirmed that they will be on the platform without a doubt and the most successful new IP of recent times will be available on Wii U this fall. This comes as good news for all those Nintendo fans who were wondering whether it will be the end of third party titles on their favorite platform. The Electronics Entertainment Expo is a great success which served as the way for developers to connect with their audience besides showing some of the best titles that they are working on at the moment.

Fixing Uplay Issues

For Ubisoft, it was an enormous success with their recent hit Watch Dogs and upcoming titles including Far Cry 4, Assassin’s Creed Unity among many others. They are going on a great run and if all their recent titles hit platforms this fall, they are definitely going to be one of the most wanted developers. Meanwhile, the accusation on Uplay hindering game play experience and not allowing gamers to logon to play continues. Besides, Watch Dogs had serious frame rate issues even on the most powerful machine which, the developers said, is because of the VRAM, which is different from that of consoles.

A patch is under development, which once released, is expected to fix this problem and allow the game to make use of the open architecture found in computers. Some companies have been constantly pushing their titles on Xbox One and Playstation 4 platforms because they are eager to establish the new consoles in the market. In their effort, they forgot to focus on PC which has been a ubiquitous gaming platform for a long time which gamers hope, will change with time. It has also been confirmed by the vice president of the marketing wing that Watch Dogs is now officially a franchise which has secured its place with huge sales and will get more installments in the near future. It will most probably be the next Assassin’s Creed because they have already milked the most out of the AC franchise and it is time for a change. The hacking based open world game seems like a good fit for the season.

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