Watch Dogs vs GTA 5 – How Ubisoft Can Push Rockstar Out?

If you haven’t noticed by now, the newly released open world hacking game Watch Dogs shares a lot of similarities with GTA 5.

Even though, both these games are far apart from each other in terms of game play goals, design, graphics, storyline and presentation, they do share a fair bunch of elements. For example, being able to roam the city and randomly hack into civilian devices is similar to Grand Theft Auto, where you get to steal money from people on the road.


Ubisoft didn’t release the feature to be able to visit a shop, buy new clothes or drive a plane as it is done by Rockstar. But, they are close on their heels without a doubt. Saints Row The Third was one game that had every element to be the next GTA but the developers decided to make it different. They definitely succeeded with their goal and if more open world features are added to Watch Dogs 2, it could easily become the best selling title before GTA 6 could hit stores. One of the biggest advantages that the title has is its multi-platform release, where Rockstar is months behind and hasn’t even brought its game onto Playstation 4 or Xbox One.


Improvising Features


Without a doubt Watch Dogs has plenty of bugs on the PC version and some on the new generation consoles. There isn’t so much negative criticism on the PS3 or Xbox 360 version. So, you can safely assume that the game works fine on these platforms. The open world hacking game already provides gamers the freedom to roam freely around, do a variety of side missions, drive a boat and hack into automatic teller machines to withdraw money. All they have to do is add more places which are accessible such as restaurants, gyms and spas as found in Grand Theft Auto 5.


With the world they have created by spending over 5 years, Ubisoft will definitely improvise on these elements and make sure they come with a much more impressive game next time around. It may take a year or so to build things around the title, but the concept of gangster life is fading out slowly. At this rate, it wouldn’t be surprising if players get bored of GTA 5 eventually and chose to go for a next gen title where the same experience is offered with additional hacking abilities. After all, it’s all about computers and gadgets in recent times right?


Keeping It Multi-Platform


After releasing Watch Dogs on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PS4, Ubisoft is never going to make this title exclusive or keep it as a timed exclusive on a select platform. This marketing strategy will pave way for the game’s success and if Watch Dogs 2 gets released next year, it will definitely be the most sought after game of recent times. The company has set all the pieces to dethrone Rockstar off their position and push GTA to the back seat. If Rockstar decides to make an announcement and bring GTA 5 out soon, they could safeguard themselves from an imminent failure.


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