Watch Dogs Upcoming PC Patch Will Smooth Frame Rates

Imagine that you are running Watch Dogs on a mammoth PC with an i7 processor, 2 GB Nvidia Geforce Titan, 8GB RAM and some good quality components.

Wouldn’t it be seriously annoying to the core if the game lags, stutters and doesn’t deliver good frame rates at ultra-settings? After all, players around the globe prefer PC mainly because of the huge improvement in graphics it provides and the choice of titles, along with a good price tag promoted by Steam sales. But, when a new title couldn’t provide the optimal experience and annoys gamers, they obviously end up tarnishing the name of the game all over the internet.

Watch Dogs received a range of negative comments and PC gamers are enraged that it not only had frame rate issues but didn’t allow a huge lot of players to login to their Uplay account. The developer group claims that such DRM is in place to prevent piracy but it is supposed to allow legitimate players to pass through which is where Ubisoft has failed to deliver what is promised.

PC Patch in Development

Having paid $60 for an AAA title, it is painful to wait for more days until the developer releases a patch to make the game work. Watch Dogs suffered some serious issues because the game was more optimized for the PS4 and Xbox One platform while PC support has been reduced to a great extent. The publishers and game developers are now completely focused on pushing the new generation console into the consumer community which is why they are not so keen on wooing the PC market which has always been on a different league.

However, Watch Dogs technical director Sebastien Viard addressing the community on his Twitter account confirmed that his team is busy working on a new patch. He confirmed that the new update will fix the problem which requires nearly 3GB of VRAM used by graphics cards on consoles and will alter the PC version to use the split memory concept. The consoles use Unified memory which combines processor and graphics power into one to deliver the intended experience. However, a computer splits and uses these components in a different style which led to the frame rate issues on ultra-settings.

The game has broken all record sales in Ubisoft history and is going on a great run. Despite its huge success, it didn’t become the cult hit it was expected to become. The title witnessed maximum pre-orders and notable sales on new generation consoles for two reasons. The first is that it is a new IP which generated interest among gamers while the second is that the new PS4 and Xbox One consoles hardly have any games on them. It prompted more people to buy a title that has just arrived. Critics opine that the game and its setting have great potential if the company decides to use them in the right way. A sequel will most probably be developed which is expected to bring the truly open world experience.

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