Watch Dogs Sells 4 Million Copies In One Week

The incredible success that Watch Dogs witnessed might have surprised Ubisoft.

The company has sold only six million copies of Assassin’s Creed in its entire lifecycle while this new IP is set to break all those records within two weeks. The game has already sold four million copies in its launch week and if the trend continues, it is going to be the biggest franchise in the company’s history. It is not only a great success for Ubisoft, the company that designed and published the game, but also for the entire gaming industry. Statistics reveal that it is the best-selling IP in recent history and might break more records if the trend continues.

Smashing Records

Sharing his views on this enormous success, Tony Key, marketing executive at Ubisoft said, “We have received positive reviews from gamers and the game has positioned itself as the most wanted title at the moment. With people owning the next gen consoles such as Xbox One and PS4, they are eager to own a title that will justify the hardware they own. Watch Dogs looks like the number one choice because of its sheer open world environment, new hacking based game play and graphical quality. The team at Ubisoft is really proud for what we have achieved and we look forward to a great future with this franchise. We expect it to surpass the success we witnessed with Prince of Persia and Assassin’s Creed in the past.”

The opening week looks really promising but it is yet to make two more million in sales before it can be called their best title ever. While it doesn’t have any notable issues on consoles, PC players went through a lot of trouble to make it work. At first, Uplay hardly logged in when everyone wanted to try out the new game and then it created graphical issues because of the high VRAM requirement set by developers to favor consoles. Creating a game specifically for PS4 and Xbox One while knowingly degrading the PC platform has been strongly condemned by the player community. Ubisoft has promised that a PC patch for Watch Dogs is under development and will get released soon to fix these woes. If they could set things right, the game might sell more on the platform because comparatively, there are lots of PC gamers around the globe than those who own a next gen console.

PC Players and AMD Woes

Meanwhile, AMD has been slamming Nvidia for optimizing Watch Dogs in ways that will allow it to run smoothly on computers using their cards. Such discrimination in terms of graphics card hardware and manufacturer hardly occurred in the past; but as we step into a new era of gaming, things seem to be changing a lot. The upcoming titles including Aliens, Shadow of Mordor, Battlefield Hardline and Advanced Warfare in Call of Duty series will prove whether this discrimination against particular hardware as well as the PC platform as a whole will continue or not.

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