Watch Dogs E3 2012 Graphic Files Found By Modder

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If you are a console gamer, this news doesn’t concern you much, but if you own a high end gaming rig and enjoy custom building your PC, then be prepared to be annoyed.

Ubisoft, the developers of Watch Dogs have hidden graphic files and disabled them for some unsaid reason. If you have been trying to tweak the settings to see if the game could be made better looking, you would have literally failed in your attempt. Even the most powerful PC hardware runs a shabby version of the game which looks so washed out with less colors, lens flare and dynamic lights. But, do you remember that computers are not consoles? Of course, they are not!

The mean machines are made for customization and are always open to mods. Anyone with some coding knowledge and a passion for good gaming could meddle with the settings. Like a Good Samaritan, a user named The Worse on Guru3D took up this task and started searching through the files. It was not only him but everyone was surprised when he managed to discover a slew of files hidden beneath the game’s code. All of them were designed to graphically enhance the game so that it could look as good as it was shown during E3 2012.

A Visually Impressive Watch Dogs

The discussion was carried out on the popular NeoGaf forum where The Worse revealed those latent files. Almost all the files that he found were related to the shaders and lightings that were shown during E3 2012 and 2013. It also included the explosions that were shown two years ago which made the crowd go wow but later removed for some unsaid reasons. Even though, he made the discovery, an individual man or community couldn’t implement them all into the game unless they get supported officially. Despite all these hurdles, the user managed to implement some of the files he found, including dynamic shadows on head lights, lens flare and increased the rain density to a good extent.

He has also managed to drastically increase the number of Non Playable characters on the road that adds a touch of realism to the game and the bloom which made an impact when shown during E3 2012. The mod file is now available online and everyone can download it on their PC to visually improvise Watch Dogs.

PC Gaming Community

Without a doubt, it has been proven that the PC gaming community is indeed strong because they managed to find files that were never meant to be found and implemented them as well. The fog, bloom, rain and lights look more realistic after successfully installing the mod. As it is developed in a short time, possibilities of games crashing are prevalent. Moreover, when you login to Uplay and try to play the game online, more issues could occur. It is yet to be known if Ubisoft will try to block modded copies of the game. We are waiting for an official word from the company.

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