Watch Dogs Cheats and Tricks: The Hacking Tips You Should Know

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One of the highly anticipated games of this year, Watch Dogs, finally hit the market a few days ago.

Even though there have been various mixed reviews about the game, as it does not deliver what was expected according to certain critics, the fans seem to love it. However, the various hacking options can be at times quite difficult to execute in the right manner. Moreover, when the game of a player has been invaded by another person, at times it is quite difficult to find the hacker. There are certain hacking tips that every player should know, and that’s why this Watch Dogs Cheats & Tricks tutorial exists.

Defending Tactics Are The Best

Defense is always the best offense. In Watch Dogs, if a player’s game has been invaded by a hacker there are some general tips that have to be remembered and executed in order for the player to win. The first thing every player should do when they are invaded is to start searching for the other character that is not controlled by the AI.

Run Away

If the attacker hasn’t started the hacking process yet, a player is able to run. However, this forces the attacker to catch the player, which automatically reveals the attacker’s location in the process. If this is executed correctly, the player should easily take advantage of the additional information and deal with the hacker.

Shoot Around

One of the best tactics for a player, when attacked, is to pull out their gun and shoot a few times. This will make the AI characters run, thus leaving the attacker exposed. This is an extremely good way to leave the hacker exposed, but may also draw unwanted attention of the police. Cameras can also be used to one’s advantage, as they manage to cover great distances without the player having to walk around physically, which takes quite a lot of time.

Interval Times

Players should always be cautious at each interval, as the area in which the hacker needs to be shrinks with the passing of each interval. The player should focus their attention on locating the target as each interval hits, as the most probable scenario is that the attacker will be moving closer toward the player at this time.

The Movement of the AI

Checking behind objects by hacking people and maneuvering them around the boxes is also a nice strategy. Cars, especially if they are near a wall, are also a common place for hackers to hide out. However, the biggest tell is that a character controlled by the player is never able to move just like the AI. Spotting irregularities in the movement of the crowd can be a nice and easy way to spot the attacker. However, a player should be cautious, because Watch Dogs sometimes adds a few irregularities in the movement of the AI for a better feel of the game.

If these defense tactics are used correctly, a Watch Dogs player should have no problems dealing with their attackers.

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