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If you are looking out for a good photography application, you can try out VSCO Cam, and application founded by Joel Flory and Greg Lutze. VSCO Cam is a great photography application offering the best manipulation tools on the iOS. It is now also available for Android devices. The application offers a tool with plenty of artsy filters and full-fledged functionality, where you can also purchase filters or filter packs. It offers photo-filtering tools with the purest and best features. The application is compatible with the iOS and Android versions of 4.0 and higher.

Bundled Filters

The app does not have any social features, but enables sharing pictures on Facebook, Twitter and other social media profiles. The app has 10 presets that are built-in along with 15 tools for editing. You can also buy additional presets. The basic offer consists of excellent filters packed at a discounted price of $5.99, which is less than half the original price. You can later purchase other bundles in the in-app store that comes with the application. You can also buy separate filters. The application and the basic presets with the editing options are free.

Applying the Settings

You can apply the settings that are preset in varying degrees or strengths. This gives you great control on the effect. The interface is very minimalist and has all the basic controls needed for editing the photographs. You also have a guide for a selfie frame. After taking the shots, you can see them in the gallery in thumbnail sizes. It is then possible to share them on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and so on. The photos that you share also include details, such as geo location, information that is already preset in the app, date. You can access some cool editing tools in the gallery as well.

For iOS and Android

The VSCO Cam went through an extended beta testing period before it was made available for Android devices. You can now download it on your Android device from the Google Play Store. The application is a free one for most of the devices that use Android 4.0, the Ice Cream Sandwich OS or up. All the features for photo processing available for the iOS are also available for Android users, so the user will not miss out on any of the exciting filters or the presets that made it so appealing on iOS devices.

The VSCO Grid

The application for the iOS and the Android allows users to share their images on social media or on any other app that accepts images through the Android service. You can also upload the pictures to your Grid, which is the only social component of the application. The VSCO grid offers a publishing platform where you can showcase the best photographs. You can compare it to a very light Tumblr, supporting still images including a small text description. You can view it on the web, but it will also be available in mobile applications in future.

All you need to do is to set up your account and then browse the gallery or the profiles before uploading your pictures. You can make your photographs unique in this collection by using filters. These filters on the application are some of the best in the world, consisting of preset packs. You can follow the grid to view what other users are sharing, but you cannot like or comment on them. Staff members of VSCO, view the best uploaded pictures and present them on the main grid.


There are many photo applications available in the market for iOS and Android devices. However, VSCO Cam offers a very simple design and user interface combined with a powerful set of editing tools – a must use.

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