Viber Update for iPhone, Windows 8 and Android

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It is time for Viber to become more diligent.

The communication app is facing tough competition from long time rivals Google Hangouts and Skype and with the entry of Line and WeChat, the competition is only becoming tougher every day. In a bid to improve its user experience and functioning, Viber has introduced some new improvements and fixes. The latest update of Viber will bring you a whole array of new features as well as brand new sticker menus. Here’s what you can expect from your Viber app now.

The Update

The latest Viber update has focused on performance fixes and improvements. Since Viber has cross platform functionality, it can be easily used in a variety of contexts and makes for a versatile communication app. With the brand new update, you can expect a much better sticker menu and an ability to reorder your stickers, more easily, for easier access. Group conversations will also become much easier to initiate and continue, with a brand new interface that allows you to enjoy your experience more than ever before. You can also integrate your contact lists on your device, to improve both calling and messaging.

How Does the Update Help?

Improving the user experience always lends great dividends and so is the case with Viber as well. The influence and reach of this popular messaging app has been rapidly increasing and today it aims to reach as many platforms as possible. It is already available for the largest range of operating devices and has cross platform functionality as well; so every improvement and update brings you more flexibility and better experience. Viber is already considered a hybrid of WhatsApp and Skype, which means that it is already claiming a significant portion of users from both these apps. Viber is a free messaging app that also offers free VoIP services, making it a safe and cheap bet for most. Even the Viber Out feature is available at a very accessible cost; so any update that improves the experience only makes the app better.

The Future of Viber

From the beginning, Viber has attempted to make VoIP calls free or affordable for its users. It is very similar to Skype in a lot of aspects, but comes at a much cheaper price tag, which makes it much more preferable. Barring some quality issues, which are being worked upon, there is not much that deters people from using Viber more than any other similar app. Since the costs are low and it supports hands free talking, video sharing, photo transferring with multiple images, stickers and push-to-talk audio recording, it gives tough competition to all other communication apps that one can think of. Now that WhatsApp has been bought by Facebook, a lot of users have decided to switch to other communication apps – something that would really work in the favor of Viber. Since Viber itself is an ambitious and progressive app, it would certainly do all it can to keep the traffic that comes to it.

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