Viber Top 5 Things You Need to Know

Viber is an application that has already reached 100 million registered users. You don’t know what Viber is? Below we’ll give you the top 5 things you need to know about Viber.

1. Viber is an application which can be used to make free calls

Viber is used by millions of people to make free calls. This application can send free picture messages and free texts and and it comes in multiple OS variants: Windows PC, Windows Phone, Blackberry, iOS and Android. Viber will require Wi-FI or 3G connection to work.

2. Over 100 million users

In concordance with TechCrunch, Viber has over 350 million unique registered downloads and 100 millions users arcurrently active. Even if Viber is quite popular, it competes with other great applications such as Whatsapp, KakaoTalk, Line, etc.

3. Viber was recently bought by Rakuten for 900 million dollars

Rakuten, a Japanese company, bought Viber for 900 million dollars. This company also owns other tech properties such as: the e-reading platform Kobo, Viki and a Spanish streaming video service called

4. The desktop Viber application got updated

In concordance with PC Mag, Viber updated their desktop application. The new version comes with visual changes along with a lot of new stickers. A lot of users love to communicate using “stickers”. The sticker menu on the new version is more prominently displayed, and you can “dock” it on the side of the application.

5. Viber’s rivals

According to GSM Arena, Viber is continuously evolving and it’s currently competing with two of most known applications: Whatsapp and Skype.


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