Viber Out – A Step Ahead in Net Telephony Service

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Viber Out is a recently launched net telephony service for all the Viber app users.

Now, you can call any phone number in the world even if the recipient is not a Viber user. The feature is simple and useful, but it is a paid service. So you need to buy credits in order to make calls outside the Viber network.  Additionally, the Viber Out call facility supports dialing US Toll Free numbers. However, you do not need any credits when you dial these toll free numbers to seek help. It is very easy to make a Viber Out call. Here’s how.

How to Buy Credits?

First, you need to buy some credits in order to make a Viber Out call. You can access the credit purchase option from the ‘More option’ menu on the app. Then simply navigate to Viber Out and select the Buy Credit option. Choose your preferred credit amount from the following screen. Next, you will be redirected to the app store for further payment instructions. You can also buy credits from the official Viber website. Click on this link and you will be automatically redirected to the payment page. After purchasing the credits, the amount displayed is your actual usable credit quota. Taxes are deducted beforehand.

How to Make Your First Call?

Now that you have some credits in your Viber account, you are good to go making your first call. Try calling a friend who does not have Viber. It is better to call a landline number as the charges are lower for this. The steps to follow are simple:

  1. Open the Viber app and access your personal Viber contact list.
  2. Select a non-Viber contact (If you do not have the person’s phone number in your contact list, you can still make a call using the keypad dial feature.)
  3. Select the Viber Out option from the Call menu.
  4. Viber will now connect you to the person you called.

You may face audio disturbance in case you have slower data connectivity. For the best Viber Out experience, you must switch over to a high-speed data connection plan. You can also directly purchase your credits after calling a non-Viber number.

Get the Best Call Rates

Viber offers you low and competitive calling rates to non-Viber phone numbers. There are many credit purchase plans available. The more credits you buy, the more you will save on each call. You can view the rates at the Viber official website. You can also get a glimpse of the latest offers on the call rates by navigating to ‘More Options’ > ‘Viber Out’ > ‘Get Rates’. Select a suitable credit purchase plan and place your order. The credits will get automatically transferred into your account. The happiest part is that your purchased credits never expire. You can redeem them any time you want. So why wait? Happy calling with Viber Out!

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