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Setting up Viber on PCs

You can only set up Viber on your PC if the application is already installed and activated in your mobile phone. Also, make sure that the PC meets all the system and hardware requirements for downloading the application. Download Viber application for your desktop version. After it is installed, you can view the tile of the app in your Start screen. Open the Viber tile and select Yes, when asked whether you have Viber on your mobile phone. The drop down menu offers a list of countries, so you can select your country and then enter the mobile phone number before continuing. Viber then sends you a message with an activation code. You can enter this code into the Activation screen and then select Finish to complete the installation.

Mobile Phone

Viber is a free application that enables users to make free calls from their mobile phones. The application is also available now for downloading on PCs. Viber is used by millions of people all over the world for making free calls. In addition to calls, you can also send free messages, pictures, stickers and much more. You can download it on desktop PCs running on Windows 8, Mac, Windows Phone, Android devices, iOS devices as well as Blackberry phones. There is no need of registering before you make a call, as it quickly syncs with the existing contacts on your device. The application needs a 3G data connection or a Wi Fi network connection for making a call. The application has more than 350 million registered downloads, with more than 100 million of them being active currently.

How to Access

You can install Viber on your Android device by accessing the application from the Google Play Store. In case you are using an iPhone, you can set it up through the App Store on your device. Open the app in your device and choose Continue when you see the welcome screen. Viber will request you to access your address book from your mobile device. Select Allow and then select the country of residence from the drop down menu. You can then enter your phone number. An SMS will be sent to your mobile phone with the access code. You have to enter this code in the setup screen and then Enter. You can then log in with the given information or login through Facebook. Viber is thus easily set up on your Android or iOS phones. Viber is also available for other operating systems and can be installed on Windows Phone, Nokia phones and BlackBerry phones as well.

Staying Connected

When you install the Viber app in your smartphones and PC, you can stay connected even if you are not on your phone. The application is able to synchronize calls and messages across various platforms. You never need to miss a single call or a message, as the message history will appear on the PC as well as the smartphone. This also makes it very easy for you to transfer a call from the mobile phone to the PC, without even interrupting the conversation.

Making Free Calls

If the contact you want to connect with is already present in your contact list, all you need to do is to open the application and the contact list. You then select the contact you want to call. Only the contacts that have the Viber badge on them can be accessed with a free call. You can then select the option of Free Call. If the name of the contact is not present in the contact list, you must open the contact list and select the icon showing a person with the + symbol near it. You can add the contact to your phone and it automatically gets added to your Viber contacts as well.

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