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Free Calling Service

By downloading Viber on your smartphone, you can connect freely with any of your contacts,  anywhere in the world. At present, more than 200 million people use Viber for texting and making calls. You can also send photos and videos through 3G or over your Wi Fi connection for free. Viber can also be used for making calls to mobile phones that do not have Viber app or to landline numbers, at very low rates, using Viber Out. The application is available for a wide range of mobile platforms. It is optimized for Android devices. When you download Viber on your phone, your phone number becomes your identity. The current version of Viber has a size of 20M and needs an Android OS 2.2 or higher.

Easy Sync Features

The app is able to synchronize with the contact list on your mobile phone and automatically lets you know which one of your contacts is using Viber. It is also possible to customize the background of your message screen, by selecting a photograph from your collection or choosing a new theme. This background will not be shared with the other user. The latest version also offers support for synchronizing with PC versions of Viber. All the messages and the chat history are synced and you are also able to transfer live calls from your mobile phone to the PC application. You can simultaneously use the app on the smartphone and tablet devices. The quality of calls has also improved with the new version. The new Hold and Talk feature allows you to send instant voice messaging in real time. It adds a totally new dimension to the chat session.

Top Features of Latest Version

The latest version of Viber offers many additional features and functionalities. You can text your friends and make free calls to them with an HD sound quality. It is easy to share stickers and locations or emoticons through Viber. You can create a group of a maximum of 100 members on your phone. There are a wide variety of stickers available in the Sticker market, which makes sending messages to friends even more fun. The Push notification feature ensures that you will never again miss any message or call sent to you, even if the Viber app is off. The application also offers support for PCs, both Windows and the Mac.

Viber v – What’s New

The new version of Viber offers many fixes for bugs. It also comes with improvements in the way in which it handles photographs and videos and location messages. The sticker menu has been improved. Many other performance glitches have also been resolved in this version.

Sticker Market

The Sticker market is the perfect place to go to for all types of stickers. You can get stickers of colas, cakes, sushi and also several others to convey your feelings with amusing and animated characters. The Sticker market is available in the menu of ‘More Options’ in the Viber App. You can also access it from the Plus Icon seen in the Sticker menu. Getting a new sticker is very simple. You have to just select the sticker package from the Viber app and then follow the instructions in the sticker package. Many of the stickers are offered for free, and you can buy some through the app store of the device. The sticker package gets automatically downloaded to your phone and appears in the menu in the form of a green star. The best part of this feature is that the stickers have no expiry date, so once you have downloaded it, it is yours to use at any time.

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