Viber Free Call and Message – Easy Setup and Interface

Viber Free Download – Landing a Good Punch

VoIP Calls

Viber is able to land a solid punch with its VoIP calls. The user is able to make free calls to other phones that have Viber installed in them, all over the world. They can make calls using Wi-Fi or a data connection. All you need to do is to tap on a contact. This takes you to the profile page of the person.

You can then make a call, and send emails, text messages or instant messages to their phone if they have Viber installed on their phones as well.

Easy Setup and Interface

Viber is also very easy to set up. All you need to do is enter your phone number and Viber will find all your contacts having the app through their mobile number. It is hassle-free and easy to use as there is no username or password that you need to remember.

You just open the application and you are good to go. The design is simple with the use of the mellow colors combined with a cartoon owl. The app looks very friendly and the best part is that it is free. There are no ads in the application.

The interface of Viber is very clean and simple. It is able to sync all your contacts, thereby enabling you to easily see which of your friends use the application. Android devices also enable an option for sharing photographs from the gallery through your Viber app on the phone.

Viber can be downloaded within a matter of seconds, and you can start using the service and all its features that are completely free.

Cross Platform Service

You can use Viber on a wide range of platforms. You can download Viber on your iPhone or Android phones as well as the Blackberry and the Windows Phone. The Mac OS X, the Windows PC, and the Symbian devices and Bada software from Samsung also support it.

The service has to be first set up using your mobile number and through your mobile device. You can then install the application on any other device and on all platforms. The messages and contacts are easily synced, thereby enabling you to can carry on the conversation started on the PC and continue it on the mobile phone.

If you want to send messages but don’t want to be seen with your phone in hand, you can use the app on the PC.

Latest Updates

You can make calls to phone numbers at very low rates. In addition, it also launched a sticker store but this is a paid feature. The new version of offers a great sticker menu. You can reorder the stickers as well. Multiple stickers can be shared with other users.

The content is also exclusive and tied in on a timely basis with holidays and other events throughout the year, offering new and updated sticker content. This makes the messaging and sending of stickers more relevant.

The interface has been improved for creating group chatting.

Viber Out

The Viber Out feature allows the user to make VoIP calls at a reasonable cost. You can make calls to any phone or any mobile even if the receiver does not have Viber installed. The cost is very low, amounting to a few cents for a minute.

Viber uses very little of the system resources. In fact, the app need not be even running to receive calls. You can exit the application and the app will automatically relaunch itself when you accept a call. The service now also supports video messages as well as a handsfree support through Bluetooth. Other features include sharing and transferring of multiple photographs.

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