Understand the Cloning Behind 2048 Before You Download the App

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2048 is perhaps the next storm that took over the App Store and Google Play Store after the craze of Flappy Bird.

2048 is a numerical puzzle game that is played in a grid-like board. The gameplay is simple enough: continue to combine the numbers until you reach the biggest number possible, which is 2048. However, 2048 was not the first game of this genre. Before this app became popular, there was an original puzzle game called Threes. This game started getting the attention of people in February because it’s well-designed and is very addictive.

Why Are There Clones of Threes

However, Threes is not free to download as it comes with a price of $1.99. So even though it’s a great game, some people still prefer to download an app that’s free to play and they got their wish with the release of 2048. What was supposed to be a clone of Threes, 2048 was well-received by a lot of people that it also became a source for imitation by other developers. Now, when you search for 2048, you will find not just two or three, but dozens of 2048.

The Most Popular 2048

While they have the same concept, 2048 and its clones have different features and offerings to the people. One of the most popular 2048 apps is from a 19-year old developer Gabriele Cirulli. The Italian developer has admitted that his game is, in fact, an imitation of another similar numerical puzzle game, which is 1048, yet another clone of Threes. With that being said, we’re here to give out a few tips on how to get a high score on 2048 to beat the leaderboard, or to at least get the sum of 2048.

It’s Relaxing to Play

One of the reasons why 2048 is so popular is because of the high intensity of the game. You can literally spend hours playing and you won’t feel as frustrated as when you’re playing Flappy Bird. This is the perfect app that can make you feel relaxed and de-stressed after a long hard day at work. The controls of the game are also simple; you just have to swipe from left, right, up and down to move the tiles that contain numbers to combine them.

Tips to Win

The hard part of the game is that the board can be soon populated with numbers and that there’s no tile left to move around. When this happens, the game is already over and you have to start again with just two numbers. The trick here is to try not to occupy the left-most part of the board, meaning you only have to “store” the numbers you have combined in the bottom right of the board. This way, you’ll have more space to move around the board. You also have to keep the rightmost tile of the board occupied with a number. If you do these tricks, you’ll have a greater chance of reaching the highest number without occupying the left side of the board.

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