Top Tips to Play Boom Beach and Rule the Islands

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After the huge success of Hay Day and Clash of Clans, Supercell now allows you to set out on the adventurous ride of capturing islands with your very own troops.

You need to fight against your enemies and capture their headquarters. The Boom Beach game requires strong strategies for battle. There is a tutorial at the beginning covering the basic game-play techniques. However, you need something more than just basic tutorials for achieving dominance over others. A good trick to take on Boom Beach is by following an offensive strategy. A set of tips arranged by the experts will be helpful for your survival in the Boom Beach world.

Use Heavy Troops as Human Shield

Heavy troops can withstand counter attacks for a longer duration. You can use this ability in your favor and use them as your troop’s armor. Place them in the first row and then place Zookas. The Heavies will take the blow and the Zookas behind them will advance. You should be careful with the cannons, as the Heavies are not equipped to take more hits from cannons. This offensive strategy works well most of the time when you have a stronger enemy in front. If you want to fight the battle in a defensive manner, you can try targeting the low hit points such as Machine Guns and Rocket Launchers. Then, you can direct your troops to proceed.

Rush Attack

This is a very easy trick to use in Boom Beach when you have a very large number of troops with you. You should grow more riflemen in your team and create a massive troop outnumbering the strength of your enemy. Attack the beach with rage and your enemies will be defeated. This trick plays well with the single shot defenses, especially, Boom Cannon, standard cannon, and sniper towers. You need to be careful with the mortar, rocket launcher and the flame-thrower. They cause splash damage. Therefore, you can use the rush attack technique when you see that your enemy has less splash attack weapons and more singe shot defenses.


This technique works great when you find your opponents with base layouts and the headquarters is far back in with fewer defenses around. In order to apply this technique, you need to put the heavy troops at the first row and then arrange some riflemen behind them. Use your flares and direct those towards the enemy headquarters.

Rush to the HQ

This Boom Beach playing trick requires skill and patience. You need to build some warrior troops. The main advantage with this type of troops is that their movement is fast and they can heal automatically after damage. Use your flares and direct warriors straight to the HQ. You can accompany the rush scene with some smoke screens and flash bombs. This will be helpful in avoiding heavy casualties during the march towards enemy headquarters. Warriors cause havoc and a lot of damage in the enemy territory. Therefore, this Boom Beach technique is very useful and saves your time in capturing islands.

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