Top Father’s Day Awesome Gadgets

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If your dad loves gadgets more than clothes or cologne, and you want to make him extremely proud of you, offer him an IT gift: a tablet or an accessory for his current tablet or phone. We have other ideas which we think you’ll like.

Qi Wireless Charging Kit

If your dad has a smartphone and he got tired of charging it with a cable, then the new technology offers an incredible solution: the Qi Wireless charging pad/dock, which charges the smartphone that “rests” on it. Not all the smartphones come with this built-in, and to find the list of devices that come with this option, search on google. Some Androids smartphones from Samsung (Galaxy models) and HTC (One models) come with this wireless charging option. For these kinds of models there are charging pads/docks such as TYLT VU and RAVPower.

iPad mini – with Retina Display

Apple impressed the fans when it released the iPad mini with Retina Display, a really awesome tablet that offers an incredible user experience and a high resolution. It costs less than the iPad Air. On an iPad Mini you’ll spend 260 dollars, while the iPad Air costs around 470 dollars.

Kindle Fire HDX or Paperwhite

Kindle is an alternative to iPads. The Kindle Fire HDX is an excellent Android tablet that comes in two sizes: 7inches (around 200 dollars) and 8.9inches (around 340 dollars), but if your dad needs an eBook reader, buy him the Paperwhite.

Chromebook or Chromebox

If your dad already has a PC or a Mac and he spends a lot of time surfing the internet, but he doesn’t do complicated stuff, like editing digital media, then you should buy him a Chromebook, which costs between 200-300 dollars. The best suggestion is the HP Chromebook 14, which comes with 4GB of RAM, 200MB of free data/month for the rest of his life and T-Mobile access. This device costs 300 or 400 dollars.

The Acer C720 is another Chroombook that has an 11inches touchscreen and it costs 200-300 dollars. The Dell Chromebook 11 has 4GB of RAM, and it costs 280-300 dollars. If he would like to have a second desktop, the ASUS Chromebox is the right option.

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