Top 5 Best 2014 iOS 8 Tips and Tricks

Apple finally unveiled iOS 8 during the 25th Apple Worldwide Development Conference.

Apple showed a few features that iOS 8 comes with, such as Home Kit, Health Kit, predictive keyboard and others.

Top 5 features iOS 8 comes with

Delete old messages

With this new feature, users have the option to do whatever they want with the old messages from their devices. You can keep them “forever”, delete them after 30 days or one year later. This way, the iOS 8 will delete the old messages for you, according to the selected option.

Auto-Timer in Camera application

The Camera application comes with a timer icon, which can be used in order to take that desired photo when there is nobody around to make that group picture you always wanted.

Great Zoom Features

iOS 8 comes with a new zoom feature and when you turn it on, a magnifying glass will appear. You can reposition it whenever you want. It will be very useful if the text is not so large, you may want to use this application in order to zoom and read the text easier.

Option to see percentage of battery usage of any application

Android already has this feature and it seems that Apple finally decided to bring it to their new iOS, also. On iOS 8, you can go to Settings and you will see how much battery any of the applications have used.

Safari has “Request Desktop Site”

iOS 8 will come with “Request Desktop Site” in Safari. What is this feature all about? Let’s say you want to visit a website, but that website has the mobile version too, and when it detects that you are surfing with a mobile, it will auto-direct you to the mobile version of the site. Enabling “Request Desktop Site”, you will be able to see the desired website in the “desktop” PC version.


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