Top 5 Best 2014 GTA 5 Tricks and Cheats

GTA 5 has a considerable number of players and because of that a lot of glitches and tricks are found every day.

1. Aim in Slow Motion

This trick is simple, but at the same time very useful. If you are used to Max Payne’s slow-motion shooting style, then this will come in handy. You can increase the slow-motion up to 4 times.

Xbox 360: X/LT then RB/Y/Left/X/LT/Right/A

PlayStation 3: Square/L2/R1/Left/Square/L2/Right/X

2. Burn your foes

What is more fun than burning your foes? To do that you will need to use flaming bullets.

Xbox 360: LB/RB/X/RB/Left/RT again RB/Left/X/Right/LB/LB

PlayStation 3: L1/R1/Square/R1/Left/R2 then R1/Left/Square/Right/L1/L1

3. Play while being drunk

No, we don’t encourage drinking alcohol in real life, we talk about being drunk in GTA 5. Being drunk in GTA 5 is fun and interesting, you should try it and see how your character’s reactions become slower than ever before.

Xbox 360: Y/Right/Right/Left then Right/X/B/Left

PlayStation 3: Triangle/Right again Right/Left/Right/Square/Circle/Left

4. Don’t like rainy days? No problem!

If you don’t like a specific weather, you can change it whenever you want to. Every time you enter the code below, the weather will change in one of three weather conditions: snowy, rainy or clear.

Xbox 360: RT/A/LB/LB again LB/LT/LT/LT/X

PlayStation 3: R2/X/L1/L1/L2/L2 once more L2/Square

5. You like being chased by cops?

We know that most of GTA 5 player like being chased by cops, but sometimes it gets boring until you raise your “Wanted Level” to take part of the great action against cops. To rise your “Wanted Level” fast, just use the command listed below:

Xbox 360: RB/RB/B/RT/Left/Right/Left/Right/Left then Right

PlayStation 3: R1/R1/Circle/R2/Left and then Right/Left/Right/Left/Right

Do you like the Top 5 GTA 5 Tricks and Cheats we listed today?


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