Top 2014 Father’s Day Apps for Your Dad

Instead of buying your dad a typical gift, surprise him on Father’s Day with… an application! Yes, today, all the fathers out there are celebrated, but we thought of a unique method to make them happy. These are some free or very cheap apps which will keep them occupied for the rest of the day!

Father’s Day Cards

Why spending money on cards when you create virtual greetings? Father’s Day Cards is a Windows app which offers a list of designs. Select the appropriate design, write something sentimental and send the result to your dad. He will love it!

Ease into 5K

If your dad doesn’t like to jog, then get him out of the house and force him to run… for his health! Sedentary people are unhappy, so make your dad cheerful and full of life with this app, which is an interval training program (iOS and Android) that can help casual runners become champions in long distances, in only 8 weeks. Your dad has all the chances if he will start running!


If you’re dad loves to play Golf, you can suggest him Golfshot, which is a golf GPS for iPhones and Androids. With it, your dad will track the distances of holes and it will warn him in cases of hazards. Your dad can take photos, keep an evidence of his scores and share them via the iOS app.


Writr is like a monthly journal which asks users questions such as “When was the last time you helped a stranger?” or “Who do you idolize?” If your dad is passionate about writing, this app will come in handy, because he will be able to post his thoughts on social media websites. And what other better memory is when he shares his posts with you?

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