Titanfall PC is EA’s Free Game Time Title for 48 Hours

Have you ever thought about buying Titanfall but didn’t proceed with the idea because you were not sure how good it will be?

Then, this is the right time to be sure if the game is worth your penny because EA is allowing players to try out the full game for a limited period. Of late, Electronic Arts has been really aggressive about their promotions and it is unclear whether they are trying to sell their games or competing with other publishers to stand on the top. Without a doubt, their Battlefield franchise has received negative criticism because of the problems that players faced.

Compared to Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 has been facing issues even after months, since its original release date in 2013. Players who purchased the game and the premium content are furious over this lack of quality but EA assures that they are working with DICE to make sure everything is sorted out in the right time. They also apologized for the fact that the game was released much earlier than it was supposed to be, and therefore was filled with bugs and glitches that would hardly allow anyone to enjoy the game as it was intended to be.

Promoting Titanfall

Titanfall is in an even worse situation than Battlefield 4 because the game opened to a lot of hype and was promoted as the system seller for the Xbox One. The Microsoft exclusive also landed on the PC and going by the sale records, it had a better run on computers than on the Xbox One console. The game fell short of expectations because it hardly had any repetitive value and the minuscule matches featuring six versus six players are too puny compared to the experience offered by Battlefield series. It didn’t even match the scale offered by Call of Duty; yet Titanfall stands good in a platform of its own. Players who are new to first person shooters and people who love hopping onto walls without having to search for stairs would definitely enjoy this experience. The game play is very quick and it allows players to hop into a game which will end within minutes. These are some of the best features of the game which you can try for yourself and confirm using this free game time.

Limited Time Access

EA now gives limited time access to the full version of Titanfall. However, the 48 hours begins only after you install the game and start playing for the first time. The game is slowly rolling out to every major country in the world and if it is not available in your country yet, you just have to wait for a couple of hours before the option is available. It’s easy to access the game. Just login to your Origin account, find Titanfall under the Game Time option and click to start downloading. As soon as you enter the first match, the timer will start and the game will close once it hits 48 hours limit.

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