Things You Should Know While Playing Flappy Bird: Tips and Tricks

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Everybody has heard about this hottest and leading game on app stores that had reached its highest peak, well at least for a moment.

Flappy bird had become a very popular game even with its simple graphics and dull looks. Everybody has gone crazy about beating their friend’s score and bragging it to them.

One last game – those were the words almost everyone said about playing this game but found themselves playing more than just once. So how can you boost your score and avoid wanting to throw your phone or crashing it with a hammer? Just like any other game there are simple tips and tricks to help you add a little or more to your current score.

  1. Get Used to It


The simplest way to play this game is just play it. We all know that for first timers getting a score above ten is almost impossible. This is because you are not yet very familiar with this game. It’s like saying that practice makes perfect but really, there are no perfect scores here. While playing, you will find yourself getting higher and higher scores without even trying. You will get used to the timing and will probably understand how this game works.


  1. Timing Makes Perfect

Now that you probably notice when to tap and when not to, you’ll realize that it’s all about the timing. This is what the game is all about. Just the tiniest delay and you are doomed. Get your rhythm steady but get ready to adapt. Just keep calm and don’t tap too much or too little. You want your Flappy bird to be balanced and ready to enter those tiny pipe spaces.

  1. Where To Position Your Bird

Some say fly high, some say stay low and others say stay at the middle. What others don’t realize is that all of this can help you depending on what are you used to. Flying high means that you can enter high spaces easily and to go down faster to enter low spaces without tapping, just let your bird fall. Staying at the middle may be common sense for others for it is where the pipe spaces are nearest. Top, bottom or middle spaces, positioning your Flappy bird at the middle makes it nearer to all three spaces. Others say staying low is what helped them double or triple their score but what really is important here is how you position back your bird after entering pipes that are far from each other.

  1. Lock Yourself

Seems a little harsh but if you are really on to this competition then you just have to do this. Get away from distractions so you can concentrate more. Some smartphones lag when texts arrive and that’s a big no-no when playing Flappy bird. You might want to turn your phone on flight mode. This is another way to avoid calls too. Disturbance is just the last thing you want when playing this game.


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