The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Leaked Docs Reveal Huge Maps, Ending and Enemies

If you don’t like spoilers about this upcoming game, then you should think twice before reading everything detailed below. However, we will try our best to just report the news and not give away everything about the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Some anonymous user has posted dozens of internal documents related to the game that reveals a lot of details about the game including story line, ending, missions, enemies and the map size. Official reports from CD Projekt Red claims that one of their employee’s Google Drive account was hacked into and the hacker managed to retrieve all these sensitive data from the cloud. Later, he posted them on Reddit and 4Chan websites which eventually got distributed and is now widely available on the internet. The company has requested fans of the game to not access or read these files because they contain plenty of spoilers in them.

Addressing the issue, Michal Platkow Gilewski, the marketing manager at CD Projekt Red said, “It has come to our attention that some crucial files related to The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt had got leaked online. The files contain important information related to the story line of the game and we strongly advice our players to not access them, because they will heavily impact, as well as spoil the game play experience that we have planned for them. We would also like to confirm that this leak will not affect the game play development and the process is going as smooth as ever.”

Ending Revealed

The leaked documents reveal the possible outcomes based on the choices made by the player. As it is a back end document, it lists all the endings while specifying each decision that the player made throughout the game. If you don’t like to know all these important detail, make sure that you don’t read it anywhere because if the surprise element is lost, then there is no point in trying to play further because you would know what your decisions cost. The documents also provide in-depth details about each mission which are part of the game with PDF files of the production art and the various monsters that are part of Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.

Development is Over

According to the quotes made by developers in these documents, the game is ready and fully playable on all three platforms already. It was finalized on February 2014, but to polish the game and work on multiple aspects, the company might have postponed the release date to 2015. The pending work includes background music, recording dialogs and debugging. There is some interesting piece of information available which says that Kinect is not supported yet and Smart Glass will also not be supported yet. It confirms that the developers might have planned to add additional files for Xbox One console towards the release date while these documents belong to a generic version of the game which they were building since the start. It suggests that platform specific content will be added only in the end before its ready to be made into copies.

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