The Sims 4 Release Date With New Features and Adventures

During this year’s E3 which was held on June 10-12, Electronic Arts has finally unveiled some new features that Sims 4 will come with.

In concordance with the developers, the new simulation game will allow the players to build houses and community lots. However, they will be able to build apartments in a future expansion pack. It seems that many fans are disappointed that the developers did not create a tool to build pools. Anyway, the developers said that they are going to bring those tools in a future patch, after the game is released.

Rachel Franklin, the executive producer of Sims 4, told PC Gamer that the game will come with brand new Sims whose emotions, traits and aspiration will combine in order to make unique personalities. Now, the players will be able not only to customize their characters by their looks, but more importantly, how and who they are. She also added that the combination of the new Sims and the new creative tools will make Sims 4 one of the best games they ever made.

The Sims characters will be able to unlock new emotionally-themed actions, such as: push-ups, sit-ups or fury by just interacting with other Sims or their surroundings.

EA will release their new Sims game, The Sims 4, on September 2. However, players can already pre-order it online via Origin. The price of this great games starts at 59.99 dollars for the Limited Edition and 69.99 dollars for the Deluxe Pack.

Below you can the Sims 4 Official gameplay trailer:

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