The Sims 4 – Launch Date and Preview at E3

That Sims 4 is under development is no secret. We have known about it since last year, and we have been talking about it ever since.

From the teasers we have seen online and from whatever has been leaking in the weeks leading up to the E3, it is evident that the Sims 4 is going to be a great game – just like all of its predecessors. EA has given us some idea of what to expect from the game – the preview released last October confirmed that this edition of the Sims will be full of emotions. You can expect your Sims to react strongly to the things happening around them. These tiny virtual people are as emotional as we are and the new gameplay trailer shows what we can expect from them.

The Sims in Sims 4

As EA has already announced, the Sims in this upcoming installment of the franchise, are going to be much smarter than before, with very big personalities. They will connect with each other, get upset and have ego clashes and a lot of tension. Every Sim can be expected to have a story, and you can weave them further as you go along. A big part of Sims 4′s allure is the improved gameplay and the ability to handle even the micro nuances of your Sims. You will have no idea where the story of each of the Sim will end up, and therefore, the game continues to be fun despite the repetition. These Sims are brand new, and they have a whole range of new emotions and aspirations. They have new traits that will help make them who they are, with more dynamic and meaningful personalities. So if you want to identify with your Sim, you can easily do so in this game.

What Else is New?

The new Sims, in combination with the very creative tools, makes up for a very interactive gaming experience. In the gallery, you can really go down to the very basics of Sims’ creations and can ensure that your Sims end up looking and feeling exactly the way you want. You can not only design them to look like you, but to behave and be like you too. This is certainly one party that you do not want to miss.

Release Date

At the E3 conference, EA Games finally announced that the Sims 4 will finally be launching on September 2nd this year. If you do not want to wait till then, the game is already available at Origin for preorder. Two versions are available; with the Limited Edition priced at $59.99 and the Digital Deluxe Edition priced at $69.99. Both of these versions come with a pre loaded DLC called Life of the Party. The Digital Deluxe Edition has another 2 pre loaded DLCs – Up All Night and Awesome Animal Hats. If you want any additional details on the game or on your preorders, you can visit the official website of the Sims (

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