The Best Features of WeChat Social App

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Technology and innovation have been the order of the day and many people have responded to this change.

Change is inevitable, and you have to embrace it like that newborn baby. There have been many social sites within us, and we are glad to be part of that technology. Mark Zuckerberg came up with Facebook and now WeChat is also in the global village. The mobile industry has made the vast world to be a world of reality. Communication is now amazing. With many features of WeChat like Video call, Video chat, Moments, Free call and sticker gallery, you can now turn your phone into a chat room. WeChat enables you to text freely to your friends and family, leave video messages and video calls in the comfort of your pocket.

Video Chat

Many phones don’t have this unique feature. WeChat social app enables you to chat with that friend abroad for free, and with high quality of voice and video. With this feature, WeChat turns your world of fantasy to a biosphere full of possibilities. The feature also enables you to record your video message. With your phone, you can record your message using your hold to chat button. When done, you quickly send your messages at the comfort of your palms.

Group Chat

A group is a large number of people gathering of two or more. It has been always engaging and vigorous chatting with a group of people. Many people meet at some specific places to discuss issues from politics, development to social issues in life. It is a sigh of relief to chat with those buddies of yours without physical contact. With WeChat installed in your phone, you can now do your group briefings courtesy of it. It enables you to add more contacts into your list by pressing the add button and knowing your friend’s location by checking your discover feature located at the top of the group page. What a world of opportunities!


WeChat enables you to share your grand moments easily with your family and friends. With the available links between Facebook and Twitter, you can access this brilliant feature from your Facebook account and twitter handle. It is prudent to always remember and cherish the good times. With the discover tab in your phone, you can access the moment’s category and store those wonderful moments of partying, dancing and testimonials down at your video library.

Free Call

Is there anything free in this world? With your WeChat app in your phone, you can make free calls unlimitedly by pressing the `+’ sign at your Chat Window by selecting your ‘free call’ option.

Walkie Talkie

The most fascinating feature of the WeChat is the Walkie Talkie. The feature enables you to chat with a group of people directly by giving you a chance of recording your message and leaving for friends to listen to you whenever there is no traffic. In case of any traffic in video messages, your phone will show you a red signal and when it turns green, you can send the voice message.

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