Temple Run 2 Free Download – How to Keep Running For Higher Scores

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In order to enable you to run purposefully and attain high scores in Temple Run 2, there are a few tricks and tactics you need to adopt.

A Few Social Media Likes and You Are On the Turnpike with Your Free Temple Run2

One of the surprises you might rise up to in this expose is the fact that it is possible for you to start off the game with a few treasures in the form of coins. Yes, believe it or not, it is a truly genuine way of having a headstart without cheating. Once you download your Temple Run 2 game, go straight to the in-game store and choose “get free stuff”. This option opens up a generous 250 coins along with a gem at the onset of the game. There is only one catch though; you have to enlist some ‘likes’ for Facebook and Twitter “Followers”.

Saving the Best for Last

Although a large number of players will fall into the temptation of rushing for a headstart in an attempt to start off easy, there are alternative ways to get started without having to waste your options which may come handy later in the game. Getting coins is a great way to open up powerups in Temple Run 2. An alternative way of getting coins is by completing missions in the game. It may sound a more challenging option, but it is a truly rewarding effort. It is an effective way to save up for new power-ups without invoking the headstart alternative. Now, once you accumulate at least 2500 coins, the headstart option teleports you to a whopping thousand meter point in the game and grants you the headstart advantage of running to your glory scores. If you wish to become a shrewd player, try and accumulate as many coins as you can in the game because they are the powerful force that gets you a clear edge. Focus on directing your coin assets in power-up investment.

Upgrading With Strategy in Temple Run 2

Another great way to achieve high scores is in upgrading. However you notice that there are more power-ups in this option than the valuable coins you need to unlock them. The latter is a dilemma for players who rush for upgrades blindly. The solution lies in being proactive. You should plan ahead of your upgrades. Invest in power-ups that will assist you achieve your goals more with ease and aim at upgrading as such, to the maximum.


As with other interesting games, there are some stunts that will always take time to master. Such challenges are the key to get ahead of the rest in a game. In Temple Run 2, jumping is one of the tricky stunts to master. The idea is to time your jumps in such a way that you only do it at the right time. Yes, at the right time and that is the catch. One of the useful jumps you need to familiarize yourself with, is jumping when you can only use a single side of the lane, because the other one is broken. The best move at this point is to jump and lean towards the side you want to land on.

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