Temple Run 2 – Facts You Must Know About This Endless Running Game

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Temple Run 2 is a great game and was hugely popular right from the time it was launched.

A sequel to the very popular endless running game – Temple Run, there were great expectations from this game. In fact, the game was able to meet a lot of these expectations – with improved graphics and gameplay and a lot of new additions to the original. If you are a fan of the game, here are some facts about it you should know.

It’s an Endless Running Game

Like its predecessor, Temple Run 2 is also an endless running game that is great to play but never ends. Your character will keep running endlessly on an infinite road, which means that you can play the game for as long as your character does not die within the game. However, the game definitely changes the accepted formula of this game, by allowing the player to pick up a lot of power ups and interesting things along the way.

You Have Four Characters to Choose From

Unlike most endless running games, this is a game where you can actually pick up characters based on what you want from them. Each character has its own special attributes. One of the characters is unlocked from the start, while the others appear in specific instance of the game and can be unlocked using your gold coins. The more coins you have, the better character you would be able to unleash.

The Game was being developed since 2012

A little known fact about Temple Run 2 is that it was under development soon after the first one became a hit. After they realized that Temple Run had become hugely successful, Imagi Studio immediately went to work on tightening the game mechanics, improving graphics and adding interesting bits to the game, to launch its second part. This was done with a view to improve the game and make it more popular – and they succeeded.

The Development Team Had Five Members

For a game that is this popular, you would think that a horde of developers must have worked for the development. The fact is that Imangi Studios is a small setup and only 5 people actually worked on developing the sequel. That is actually two more than the team that developed the first Temple Run. Though the team did have the opportunity to grow significantly, they valued their independence and therefore chose to work in such a small capacity.

It Was One of the Most Successfully Launched Sequels

Temple Run 2 was much awaited, after the grand success of its predecessor. During the 4 day launch of the game, it broke records to garner more than 20 million downloads, on the iOS stores. With Android Play Store, the numbers reach much higher. This has been one of the most successful launches ever.

Imangi Studios Was Formed By a Husband-Wife Team

A husband and wife set out to form Imangi Studios – the name behind the Temple Run franchise. They slowly expanded to include their friend, who was also the artist of the game. Two more people were then added for the sequel.

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