Talkatone – The New Evolution in Net Telephony

Talkatone has the widest coverage of areas for making inter-circle and intra circle calls.

Traditional phone calls are solely dependent on network carrier and phone lines spread over specific hot zones. Talkatone uses wireless data carrier so you will get the maximum reach. You can connect to distant places where ordinary phone lines can never connect. Data networks are powered by cloud technology. It means higher availability and maximum uptime. Your business will never suffer due to communication service disruption. Sometimes, due to natural calamities phone lines can get truncated, whereas Talkatone service is totally wireless. Therefore, there is zero chance of physical damage and service disruption.

Pay for Data Usage and Not Pay Per Call

Talkatone allows you to pay for monthly data usage. It does not matter how much cell minutes you have. You will need to pay for the total data usage only. It is more cost effective, than paying your phone service provider, on per call basis. The Talkatone mobile application gives you cheaper data plans. You can make a call for nearly free. A hosted calling service is a standalone system where you are not dependent on external factors. Your business communication will run smoothly without any problem despite a phone line disruption in your area. The ‘Pay for total data usage’ plan lets you make more calls in a month. More calls mean more business with more sales opportunity. Therefore, you are on the profitable side of the business with Talkatone.

Superior Mobility

Talkatone is highly portable. You can use smartphone, tablets or iPad for accessing your business communication network. The BYOD (bring your own device) tradition of work is here to stay with hosted VoIP service. The premise based IP-PBX system does not support this feature and mobility is limited. You can only use this system on your desk and meeting room. You cannot use it on the go. Additionally, there is no user authentication security with this service. VoIP requires user id and password in order to make calls. In the traditional GSM calls, anyone can make calls as soon as they have the device in their hands.

Open Platform Communication System

Talkatone gives you the relief from compatibility issues. These days, different business houses use different sets of systems and operating platforms. Talkatone is supported across all the available business communication and computing platforms. Windows, Mac and Solaris systems support Talkatone and all its functionalities. You can easily install Talkatone app in these systems. Open platform communication advantage lets you experience wider coverage and maximum communication between you and your customers.

Do More with Communication

Nowadays, making phone calls for business development is not sufficient. You need extra features in order to stay ahead in the competition. Give your nearest business contenders a tough challenge by connecting with your customers in a more personalized way. Talkatone lets you connect with your customers faster than the conventional calling technology. You can easily track customer complaints and resolve customer queries when you can attend more calls per day. This is the face of future business communication technology and you will get this benefit only if you have Talkatone with you.


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