Talkatone – Talk Your Way around the World for Free

Communicating with anyone around the world is hassle free if you have Talkatone installed on your smartphone.

And this includes any form of interaction such as chatting, texting and calling. What makes using this app worth considering is that unlike its competitors, you can use it to even get to a person who does not have it installed on his or her phone. Also, sharing files with others becomes easy with Talkatone. This wonderful app is available as an iOS app on the App Store, an Android app on Google Play and on Kindle Fire for Android platform.

Installing Talkatone and How to Use

It is very easy to install Talkatone on your smartphone. When this app is installed, it will require access to your contacts. Since calls are made using your Google Voice number, you will have to be online on your Google Voice account when you make your calls. The screen layout of Talkatone looks almost similar to that of your smartphone making it easy for you to work your way out on how to use the app. Thus the recipient may not see your actual cell phone number when they receive a call from you, made using this app.

Setting Up Talkatone on iPad

Once the app is downloaded, go to the Settings option and select Add Google Account. Provide your login credentials and accept the terms of service. Once this is done, you can make free outbound calls. In the steps that follow, you will be directed on how to set up a Google Voice account. Do as directed and once you are done with this, you will receive a free Google Voice number. This number also serves as your Talkatone number and you can use this number for free outbound calls.

Linking to Social Media

You can link your Facebook profile and mobile phone number with Talkatone to get bonus free outbound call minutes and unlimited inbound call minutes and texting.


One of the biggest plus points when you use Talkatone is that you can save on your cell minutes, landline bills and free text limits. Bad network coverage does not pose a hindrance to making calls or sending text. Added to this, the fact that Talkatone is supported by iOS platform allows you to use this app to transform the touch screen of your iPod or iPad into a phone at times of emergency. All you need to do this is a 3G/4G connection or a Wi-Fi connection.

On the Flip Side

One drawback that Talkatone users often talk about is that it is not an ad-free app like many of its competitors. If you want to use the app free of ads, you have to make use of the premium service for a nominal monthly fee. Availing this service also ensures better quality of voice calls. Another aspect that this app lacks is the ability to have a video call. Also, this app can be used only on iOS and Android platforms.

Although the user base of this app is relatively less than its competitors, Talkatone is slowly gaining popularity and currently has around fifteen million people around the world using the app.

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