Talkatone – Now Make Free Calls from Your Phone

In this era of technology, dozens of apps and software have flooded the online market, which aim at making communication and socializing easier and cheaper.

In an attempt to outdo others, each new company tries to come up with a novel idea or feature for their app and aims to garner the maximum market share in that segment. Talkatone is one such app. It is very new in the social networking field, but is laced with innovation and attractive features. This novelty has made it a force to reckon with in the online app market and it has already started to spread among the tech savvy generation.

Turn Your Phone into a Free Calling Machine

The primary benefit of using Talkatone is that you can use your phone to make free calls to any other phone, no matter where in the world it might be located. The app is available absolutely free of cost on all app markets and allows users to make free calls, without any joining charges. This has attracted a large number of users to this app as cheap calling is anyone’s need today if we have to keep in touch with our loved ones and friends living miles across.

No Mandatory Membership

The distinguishing feature of Talkatone is that it allows users to make calls to anyone who is not even using Talkatone. This differentiates Talkatone from other similar calling apps like Skype, Viber and their likes, which demand both parties have accounts on the respective apps. This shift in approach makes it highly popular in some circles and is a major contributor to its surging popularity. Doing away with mandatory membership is a smart step to get an edge in a crowded marketplace and is particularly helpful when a person having a smartphone wants to connect to someone who does not have a smartphone. In such a case, the call can be established without much hiccups, unlike other free voice calling apps. This accommodative and generous approach to free calling, is fast gaining attention.

Easy Messaging for Free

Another built-in feature of the app is that it allows people to send free messages to any other phone in the world, absolutely free of cost. This feature is also different from other apps in the way that the messages can be sent to any phone with or without Talkatone. As a result, international messages, which are otherwise very costly, can be sent for free and without any hassles. The app uses the Wi-Fi connection over which it transfers the messages and makes calls. Hence, not a single penny is charged from the user. In a world of fast communication platforms, Talktone surely makes a mark with this benefit that it provides.

Being a comparatively new app, the network connectivity and clarity of connection is yet to match its competitors, but the makers are working on it. For now, Talkatone signals a possibility for changing the future of communications, by making them effective, yet completely free and universal.

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