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Talkatone is a dynamic mobile app used to call and text peers without utilizing the mobile network minutes and acts as a viable alternative for the users who yearn to save on airtime.

The app enables you to call almost for free when you are connected to any Wi-Fi or mobile network connection. The app gained an exponential popularity in a short span of time and currently has over 15 million active users, who successfully call and text each other using the app. A number of updates and modifications have been introduced in the app since its inception.

Features & Ease

The most interesting feature of the app is that it converts your iPod Touch device or even iPad into an iPhone. This app is particularly useful in scenarios where your phone fails to catch the network signal but has access to some sort of internet connection in the form of a Wi-fi, enabling you to make that one crucial call that would get you out of trouble, or that would make your day. Also, the infrastructure of the app provides you sufficient support system to get strong mobile signals.

Edge over Other Similar Chat Platform Apps

Talkatone has got a razor edge over other apps because it enables you to call other phones even if Talkatone is not installed on the corresponding phone. On the other hand, apps such as Skype, Viber and WhatsApp enable you to call only when both the phones have these apps installed on them. This feature has attracted a lot of people towards Talkatone. This is one of the few apps present in the market that connect a Smartphone with a non-Smartphone.

Limitations & Solutions

Apart from its interesting features, the app has got some limitations too. For instance, this app can be used only by the users in the United States of America and Canada. The developer team of the app has launched an Android version of the app with all the recent updates but it will target the users in the U.S.A. only. There is news that the creators of this app are looking ahead at the prospect of launching this app for users outside of USA and Canada as well. Talkatone is a great Google Voice Client.

Conclusion & Alternatives

If you think that Talkatone is a back office app or a chat platform that will die in a short while, then you are wrong because the quality and features of the app have made it a dark horse in the communication world which seems set to capitalize on the growing market for a long time. The new features of the app provide you a local number through which you can send texts and enjoy 20 free calls to other numbers per month. If you are using an Apple gadget, then you can also use the Facetime app to make free video calls to others. Together with Skype, it is a good alternative for Talkatone but if you are a resident of U.S.A. or Canada then there is no reason for you to look beyond Talkatone.

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