Surface Pro 2 vs Surface Pro 3 – Comparison of Pricing and Specifications

Microsoft came out with the Surface Pro range of tablets with the sole intention of coming out with a device that would be the true laptop killer.

Tablet PCs have been on top of the sales charts in the last few years, but they truly cannot replace the laptop. The Surface Pro 2 came close to achieving this task, but it seems that the company will finally be achieving it through the Surface Pro 3. The device, which was announced only a few weeks ago, has already set the world alight on fire.


The Surface Pro 2 and the Surface Pro 3 come with Intel processors. Due to the substantial amount of cooling required for the mainstream processors, these devices will be slightly thicker than the tablets like the iPad. However, despite this, Microsoft has reduced the size of the Surface Pro 3 by about 1 mm compared with the previous version. The company also claims that the device will not emit heat through the cooling vents like a normal laptop.


The biggest change in the design element comes about in the kickstand future, which now is able to almost make the Surface Pro 3 lie flat. The Surface Pro 2 claimed the kickstand that offered only two variations, but it has now been improved massively in the new generation.


Another big change in the new device comes about in the form of the display, which is now a 12 inch unit. This is a massive step up from the 10.6 inch unit on the Surface Pro 2. It will also be capable of a slightly better resolution. Microsoft claims that this will ensure it will actually be able to display information that is usually present on a 13.5 inch screen. Hence, this Surface Pro 3 is directly pitted as the competition for the smallest MacBook Air.


In order to position the device competitively, the Surface Pro 3 comes with three different processor options. It uses the entire range from Intel – i3, i5, and i7 – in different formats. It has enabled Microsoft to lower the price of the cheapest version compared with the Surface Pro 2, which started out at $ 899. The Surface Pro 3 is now available from just $ 799.


Along with the several improvements made to the tablet itself, Microsoft has improved the keyboard accessory even further. Rather than the rubber material used for the touchpad, the latest keyboard accessory uses a familiar material seen in the laptops for the last decade. This improves the tactile feel and the responsiveness. The accessory is also now bigger in order to accommodate the large display. Hence, the touchpad size has also been increased as well. The backlit keyboard provided by Microsoft is one of finest accessories for the Surface Pro 3.

The Surface Pro 2 and the Surface Pro 3 are offered with a stylus, which is clever enough to quickly start the OneNote application. It will also be able to reject inputs from the palm, which will allow the user to rest the hand on the device.

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