Surface Pro 2 vs Surface Pro 3 – Comparison of Features and Price

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Microsoft is a renowned name in the tech world.

This software company has earned its reputation over the past several years. It is considered amongst one of the top most international brands in the present era.

Microsoft launched Surface Pro 2 last year, after the raging success of its predecessor Microsoft Surface Pro tablet. The Microsoft Surface Pro was claimed to be faster than 94% of other laptops available in the market. However, Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is claimed to be 20% faster than its predecessor. This makes the Surface Pro 2 tablet, lightning fast. The graphic performance has also been enhanced by 50% in Surface Pro 2 tablet. It features Windows 8.1, 4GB or 8GB RAM, improved kickstand, Haswell-based Core i5 CPU, and a more powerful battery. It also features HD display with enhanced color reproduction. Dolby sound is another feature added to Surface Pro 2.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is claimed to function 10% quicker than its predecessor, the Surface Pro 2. There is an array of features in the new and improved Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Let us differentiate and discuss about the features and specifications of Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3.

Design, Dimensions, Display

The Surface Pro 2 is built entirely of magnesium. It looks stunning once you attach the beautiful covers to it. The magnesium would prevent it from smudges, scratches, and some close encounters with the floor. It measures 6.81 inches in height and 10.81 inches in width. It also features a 10.6 inches, 1920×1080 pixels HD screen with 16:9 aspect ratios. However, the Pro 2 weighs 900gms.

The Surface Pro 3 features a 12 inches display, bigger than its predecessor. However, the Surface Pro 3 is thinner and much lighter than its predecessor. It measures 7.93 inches in height and 11.5 inches in width. Despite being bigger than its predecessor, the Pro 3 weighs just 800gms. Its 12 inches, 2160×1440 pixels HD screen with 3:3 aspect ratios makes the Pro 3 worth a grab.

Hardware and Software

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 has improved internal hardware. It is powered by 1.9 GHz fourth gen Intel Core i5-4300U processor with 4GB or 8GB of RAM. Surface Pro 2 operates on Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit operating system.

The successor, Surface Pro 3 will be made available in i3, i5, or i7 Intel Core configurations. It also would come with a choice of 4GB or 8GB of RAM. Similar to its predecessors, the new and improved Pro 3 runs on Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit operating system.


The Surface Pro 2 ranges from $899 to $1,799. However, the price of Surface Pro 3 ranges from $799 to $1,949. Despite Microsoft making a name for itself in the market, the products are overpriced as per their specifications.

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